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Meeting Notes 06/18/2014
10 members were in attendance.


  1. Operating Agreement amendment. The OA currently specifies that member meetings shall be "the first and third Tuesdays of the month". We have been having meetings on Wednesdays for awhile now. There will be an upcoming vote to change the language of the OA so it no longer specifies meetings on Tuesdays.
  2. Metal Casting discussion (Chad). There has been an offer to help us build metal casting equipment. Parts will run about $500; fundraising will be set up through the ATXHS store. Holding a class to use the equipment, however, will require a special insurance rider - this is being looked into. There will be a vote to allocate room for storage of this equipment.
  • Proposal:
  • Dedicate room at the discretion of the Director of Facilities for storage of the metal casting equipment after built, estimated 4x4 feet. This equipment will be available to individual members after they have been trained.

Additional note: If you would like to be part of the build sessions or donate funds please email Chad at

  1. Freezer Burn meeting (Clio). Freezer burn (kinda like Burning Flipside) wants to meet at the space for their "town council" for 4 hours on July 19. This will be done on a donation basis. Clio feels this group is a good match with ATXHS - some of their members are interested in joining. Final wording on this proposal will be posted to the list before the vote.
  • Proposal:FreezerBurn meeting at space on July 19 at ? for ~4 hours

Organizers for FreezerBurn Texas want to use the space for an organizational meeting for a four hour period on Saturday, July 19. There will be about 100 people and the meeting will use the main workshop for approximately 4 hours. We will need to clear the center of the workshop, moving worktables aside for the meeting. FreezerBurn is a Central Texas festival similar to Burning Man and Flipside. Link to their site: We have at least two members of the Hackerspace who are already members of the FreezerBurn community. FreezerBurn members are makers who have expressed an interest in joining as members or who are ideal candidates for what we have to offer the maker community in tools, space, and similar community values. By inviting the group to meet here, we will provide an opportunity to familiarize new FreezerBurn members to what we have to offer and further our mutual goals through increased Hackerspace memberships. Shall we allow FreezerBurn to hold their meeting at the space on this date?

  1. STEM Camp field trip (Chad). About 20 14-year olds want to tour the space for one hour next Wednesday or Friday (most likely during the noon hour). Martin will do a safety walk-through the day before. Chad needs 1 or 2 people to help.
  • Non-voting item


  • Solstice Austin music fest at the space this Saturday starting at 4:00. Full performance set with five acoustic groups. We will be giving tours and demos to attendees.
  • Weston is offering a bounty of $100 for anyone who can fix his big yellow robot. Martin will pay storage for two months.
  • The liability waiver will soon be in electronic form so it can be accessed via the kiosk or any laptop.
  • Accounting is switching from Kashoo to Quickbooks to aid our CPA (and we are getting a discount). This may delay some financial reports at the beginning of July.
  • Shapeoko is coming! (The spindle, however, is coming later.)
  • Inventibles is sending us 2000 LEDs, and Martin is throwing in a bunch of batteries for an upcoming build night. We just need to get on social media with this and publish at least one Instructible. Martin has an idea that involves the marshmallow gun. Sugru and Bare Conductive (conductive ink pen) will be coming in the future.
  • Electronics lab now sports a spectrum analyzer, 500 MHz 4-ch scope, and a gaggle of power supplies. Thanks Alex!
  • Check out the front page of the wiki - we have updated the photos!

Meeting ended 8:10 PM.
Note taker: Mert Eastman