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* '''[http://www.atxhackerspace.org/mailman/listinfo/llc  The LLC's mailing list]'''
* '''[http://www.atxhackerspace.org/mailman/listinfo/llc  The LLC's mailing list]'''
* '''[http://www.atxhackerspace.org/mailman/listinfo/board The Board's mailing list]'''
* '''[http://www.atxhackerspace.org/mailman/listinfo/board The Board's mailing list]'''
We have some lists that are dedicated to specific topics, events, and committees
* '''[http://www.atxhackerspace.org/mailman/listinfo/mop  The Ministry of Propaganda]''' which acts as our advertising and publicity committee
* '''[http://www.atxhackerspace.org/mailman/listinfo/swapmeet  We organize our electronic and stuff swapmeet here.]'''
* '''[http://www.atxhackerspace.org/mailman/listinfo/9601dessau  Private group to discuss our needs and negotiations for the property at 9601 Dessau.]'''

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Main Mailing Lists

ATX Hackerspace has a few mailing lists that are used to coordinate activities, make announcements, or just share and gab.

  • ATX Hackerspace Members-Only List
    Members of ATX Hackerspace are sent an invitation to this list upon becoming a member in good standing. It is a private list and an added perk for our members.
  • ATX Hackerspace's Announcement List This is a low-traffic list reserved for announcing important events, crucial updates on the functionality of items at the 'space, and other items of high interest and/or importance to the members of ATX Hackerspace.
  • ATXHS-hams List For discussion of ham radio-related activities at ATX Hackerspace.

Members may subscribe to the LLC and Board mailing lists as per our open-governing style.

We have some lists that are dedicated to specific topics, events, and committees

Committee Lists

Feel free to subscribe to any of the following lists according to your interests.

  • Make'n'Bake Committee
    MAKE'n'BAKE is our annual end-of-year fundraiser and bake sale held during the holiday season, but the term "make'n'bake" has been expanded within our group to refer to any outreach effort by and for the membership. This group's objective has developed into a place to coordinate efforts to represent ATX Hackerspace at public events, fundraisers, workshops, etc and to discuss and coordinate the development of ATXHS swag and other items to be distributed and/or sold to the public.
  • Swapmeet Committee
    This email list is for the coordination efforts of those who wish to have a swapmeet at ATX Hackerspace.