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[[File:Logo trans.png|400px]]
[[File:Logo trans.png|400px]]
== Ministry of Propaganda ==
== Holiday versions ==
== Holiday versions ==
In SVG format:
In SVG format:

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There is a '.zip' file for our official logo here which contains the AI file, the SVG file with and without text and the font file.

Feel free to add other files to this page when altering the logo for uses such as vinyl cutting, stencils, etc.

In SVG format:


In PNG format:

Logo trans.png

Holiday versions

In SVG format:


In PNG format:


QR Code in PNG format (points to http://atxhs.coop/wiki/Location)

Atxhack locationwiki qrcode.png

QR Code in PNG format (points to atxhackerspace.org)

Atxhack website qrcode.png

QR Code in PNG format (points to Google Places to atx hackerspace : https://www.google.com/maps/place/ATX+Hackerspace+Co-Op )

Atxhack gmap qrcloode.png