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Keeping a hackerspace going can be a lot of work

Internally there are a few members that have simply gone above and beyond to provide us what we have today

This is a page to remind us of the good deeds - great and small - that we truly appreciate

Eternal Thanks

Our Founders: Martin, Matt, Mike, and Ratha - for making the effort and investment that started it all. Thank you for gettin' it done!

Mandie - Thank you for putting together our Make 'n Bake, taking on the job of Secretary, and organizing all the work and publicity!

Laser Committee: (must find list) - for funding our favorite super-amazing tool. We love to laser all the things! Thank you for going for it!

Tool Committee: Danny Miller and Matt Mancuso - for keeping track of what we need and working on a tight budget. Thanks for all the great gifts!

Recent shout-outs