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Inventory List

As tool pages are updated in the Wiki, they're tagged with categories for different areas of the shop. As such, each category list is a dynamically maintained inventory of tools in that area. Here are links to areas holding tools with updated Wiki pages:

Tool Owners

Tools in the shop can be either owned by the Hackerspace or owned by individual members and hosted at the space . Tools tagged with orange inventory labels designate these personal tools hosted at the space for use by all members.

Tools No Longer at the Hackerspace

Wiki pages about tools we used to have at the space are maintained for historical interest.

Project Tools Not Yet Finished Or Functional

Contact project owner for status

Owned vs Hosted Tools

Yellow Inventory sticker
Orange Hosting sticker

Tools in the shop can be either owned by the Hackerspace or hosted by individual members. QR codes are on all large tools and machinery in the space. Scanning the code brings up the tool's wiki page. (Yellow labels are for items owned by the Hackerspace. Orange labels designate tools hosted at the space by members.)

URLs on owned tools are of he format

URLs on hosted tools are of the format

When an inventory sticker is added or changed on a tool, the numerical inventory (or hosted) page should be linked to the tools real page with a mediawiki redirect:

#REDIRECT [[Real Tool Page]]

Blank hosting agreements: [| Hosting Agreement - Example] and [| Hosting Agreement - Blank]

If you have tools you would like to see hosted at the Hackerspace, contact the Director of Facilities.