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Biolab is end of the hall past aquaponics<br>
Biohacking, mycelium colonies, glowing pets, open source compbio, CRISPR, etc.
* See ../Resources/Tools
* See Eric or Flip for reagents/extraction kits, etc. Report missing tools to Jerry, Flip, or Eric
[https://github.com/opencb opencb]
[https://hackteria.org/wiki/Collection_of_DIY_Biology,_Open_Source_Art_Projects Hackteria]
[https://hackaday.com/2019/02/11/open-source-biology-and-biohacking-hack-chat Hackaday Chat]
[https://biobricks.org Biobricks]
[https://igem.org/Main_Page IGEM]
[https://openwetware.org/wiki/Main_Page Open Wetware]
[http://docubricks.com Docubricks]
'''Production of illegal or regulated substances and use of prohibited or regulated lab procedures is prohibited.'''

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