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Below you will find a list of the offerings of the hackerspace. There are not yet firm rules in place about all the finer points of classes in general, but in the mean time we still plan to do some awesome and fun stuff!

Current Classes

Arduino 101

Date(s) August 14, 15
Duration 2 days : NOON-4pm
Cost $50
Class Size up to 10 people
Instructor Martin
Wiki Page arduino101

The Arduino 101 course is a two day class that teaches how to use the Arduino hardware and programming environment.

  • Day 1 : 4 hours : Getting familiar with Arduino software, programming concepts, digital input/output, analog input/output, serial port
  • Day 2 : 4 hours : Basic Arduino Projects LED control, read a button, read a potentiometer, control a servo, control a motor

The class ends with a contest in which the class breaks up into teams of two (or more) people to compete for a $40 adafruit gift certificate. The contest takes place two weeks after the class, and usually involves some sort of robotics challenge. All materials for the contest are provided by the class.

The class contest is now open to anyone and (date?)

Ham Radio 101

Date(s) TBA
Duration 2 days : 7pm
Cost Free!
Class Size up to 10 people
Instructor Mert
Wiki Page HAM101

This class will help prepare to take Technician level exam, which gives privileges on 30 MHz and above. Tests are given here in Austin on the first and third Saturdays of the month.

The Technician exam consists of a 35 question multiple-choice test that covers basic electronics, radio fundamentals, station setup, operating practices, safety, and FCC regulations. Morse code is no longer required for any class of amateur license.

Check out the study guides and practice exams linked on the wiki page to the right:

A combined Technician/General class is in the works for the future.

Proposed Classes

This section is for classes that might be offered in the future, and/or may not yet have space approval.

Hacking Casting

Date(s) TBA
Duration ~4 days
Cost $30-50
Class Size >5 and <20 people
Instructor MattyG
Wiki Page casting101

This class will focus on the basics of metal casting. Students would collaboration build a foundry (which can double as a forge), construct molds, and pour finished castings! There is a lot of space for the incorporation of RP molds and creation of gifts for others, so bring your creativity! If you are interested, please signup on the course page!

  • Day 1: (all day) Foundry Construction and Refractory Pour
  • Day 2: (~4 hrs 1 week later) First powerup and burn-in
  • Day 3-5: In small groups: Greensand molding, mold-design, and casting!

Past Classes