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Welding Table

Welding table under scaffold with table CNC mill and bookscanner. Notice the computer under the table and the tank strapped to the right side of table: Welding table with cpu under and tank on side 617x480.jpg

Welding table under scaffold, lighter exposure: Welding table with computer and tank 600x476.jpg

Electronics and Soldering

The electronics bench: Electronics bench at ATXHS on Nov2013 600x400.jpg

Member Storage Boxes

Bankers boxes: Bankers boxes 600x440.jpg

Crafts Area

The following pictures are of the new Crafts area.

Crafts area photo 1 (White Rotary Sewing Machine): Crafts area left wing shot 1 600x382.jpg

Crafts area photo 2 (cutting table in foreground): Crafts area left wing shot 2 600x400.jpg

Crafts area photo 3 (the fabric bins and stairs to the area): Crafts area right wing shot 1 600x400.jpg

Crafts area photo 4 (additional work table): Crafts area right wing shot 2 600x340.jpg

Crafts area photo 5 (the drafting table): Crafts right wing shot 3 600x374.jpg