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New Member FAQ

As a new ATX Hacker, what is it that I need to know?

  • How to Arm & Disarm the Alarm
  • What To Do When You're The Last Person Leaving
See the Policies page under 'Last Person Out'
  • How to "Be Excellent"
Stop working at least 15 minutes before you have to leave, and clean up after yourself. Take another few minutes and empty a trash can or something.
Don't flame people on mailing lists. If you have an issue with someone, consider messaging them privately.
  • This place is filthy. Who cleans this dump?
You do, man. You do!
  • Promoting the Space to Others (do's and don'ts)
  • What's this "Hack Shelf" all about? How does it work?
  • Is there someplace I can keep all my stuff between visits?
Every member can keep one standard banker's file box in 'member box storage', currently located on the shelves in the left rear of the large workshop. (see the Policies page under 'Storage').
Additional storage is available for a modest extra monthly fee.
  • I have this great tool that I want to offer/loan the space, can I bring it by?
See the Policies page under 'Tool Lending'.
  • I've got a little extra time on my hands, what can I do to help?
-Empty a trash can or two.
-Check out the Chores Board, located on the wall of the reception area in front.
  • I've got a little extra money burning a hole in my pocket, can I donate it to the space?
Well, you can't exactly DONATE money directly, but you might consider: buying C1 investment shares, purchasing a hosted tool, or contributing to any open calls for donations toward member projects.
  • How come we're not a 501c3 / non-profit org?
  • I really want the space to spend money on this thing...
If you hold a B-share, you can write a proposal to bring up for a vote. If you're a patron, try convincing a B-share holder to do it for you. We don't have much free cash, so expect it not to pass. But you might be able to get funded by asking the members for donations!
If it's a particular tool you want, write Matt Mancuso or Danny Miller, who will suggest the same things as above.
  • I've got this really great idea for a project and need some extra space, can I do that?
See the above answer- if it requires only space (rather than money) for some limited time, and the place isn't currently overcluttered, these things usually DO get approved.
  • Who do I talk to about ....

  • Atxhackerspace is a Co-Op, what does that mean?
A Co-Op, in the case of ATX Hackerspace, is a business owned by a collective of member-owners. The major decisions of the hackerspace are made by a democratic vote of those members-owners that hold voting shares.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages to becoming a Co-Op Member? (With the answer addressing, among other things) whether there are legal liabilities to being a Co-Op member.)
A Co-Op member with a Voting Share supports the space with a $100 payment, and has chosen to take part in the process of the governance of the company. The B-Share carries no liability or fiduciary responsibility.
We also have member-owners who have invested in the space. These members carry A-Series (founder) and C-Series (investor) shares. Since we are an LLC, the tax responsibility for the space is divided by the investment, and passed through to the member-owners with A and C shares.
  • Are Co-Op Members potentially legally liable for paying debts incurred by ATX Hackerspace?
If the corporation or LLC cannot pay its debts, creditors can normally only go after the assets owned by the company and not the personal assets of the owners. However, the business owner can also be held responsible for corporate or LLC debts in certain situations:
-Cosigning or Personally Guaranteeing Business Debts

e.g.) [Martin has] co-signed for the lease, and the laser cutter lease, and the alarm system payments. If the LLC defaults, [Martin is] personally responsible for these expenses.

-Pledging your personal property as collateral (we don't do this)
-Piercing the corporate veil.

  • Is there a limit on how many Co-Op Members there can be at any given time?

There is no limit at this time. We discourage people from becoming members of the Co-Op if they are not going to participate in the democratic process of governance.