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ATXHS is host to several Special Interest Groups, some of them formal institutions by their own right, others just a bunch of hackers thrown together around some common interest. Please add, update, maintain as necessary, for things do change. Specific, goal-oriented projects should be in this other page. Committees are for teams and activities directly related to ATXHS functions.

The Calendar is the place to see when these SIG meet. If you don't have access to edit the calendar, contact Facilities

"Formal" groups

(as with long history, maybe even full 501.c.3 status - does not necessarily require monocle and penguin suit)

ALE Linux

Weekly on Wednesday, open to the public

The ALE Linux Group ( ) will be meeting from 7 to "whenever" (possibly as late as midnight). There is usually no agenda or presentation, just people helping each other with Linux or programming problems - feel free to approach us to ask about Linux or anything vaguely related ! We will be either in the front lounge or in the "computer area".

The Robot Group

First Thursday of every month, open to the public

(elsewhere weekly, on Thursdays, see

"Informal" groups

(monkey noises not required - meaning, groups that are just coming together or maybe just prefer to keep it that way)

Arts & Tech

date TBD

quoting Alex, Are there artists/creative technologists in Austin that do work similar to, eyebeam, etc.?

I have an engineering job but i want to work on some art projects in my spare time as a hobby and creative outlet