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Hi, I'm Shadow.

I like giant robots, tapioca pudding and spiders.

I am a musician, primarily, but also like to geek out with web development and object prototyping.

I am proficient with php, functional with php and want to learn python and some C-based languages (C++, C#, Objective-C) someday.

In my day job, I used to work in Operations and Support roles, doing a lot of bash scripting and also sql script for Oracle and administrating a wiki for my coworkers. Style Guides are very useful when people follow them. I've recently transitioned to a role as a Perl Developer. My dream job outside of music would probably be as a web developer or something to do with multimedia.

I went to school years ago for audio and video production. I still love to do those things and also dabble with 3d modeling and simple animation and photography.

Lately, I've been learning more about how to maintain and build guitars, focusing primarily on fretwork for now but eventually will build a guitar from scratch.

I also built a custom case to house a digital guitar and synth rig. The guitar part is functional and the synth rig is still a WIP. The heart if it is a Mac mini running NI Guitar Rig software with the Guitar Rig Foot pedal. The Mac mini was rescued from a fire at my mother's house a couple of years ago and has been upgraded with an internal SSD drive and still has char marks on the external aluminum housing but is fully operational but I don't test my luck with the optical drive. When complete, the case will also house a Novation Nocturn, Launchpad and Remote SL37 for plenty of control options. First, though, I need to laser cut an accessory box and a few other custom components. My ultimate goal here is to have an all-in one solution that I can wheel into a venue, plug into the house PA and be ready within a few minutes. Once the guitar and synth rigs are operational, I will start working on how to manipulate visual elements (lights, lasers, video) via the rig. Instead of playing music in sync with a multimedia presentation, I want the visuals to be cued off the music performance so that no click track or preset tempos are needed.

I'm a very avid DIY enthusiast and love figuring out how things work and am pretty much a jack of all trades.

I'm a little obsessed with efficiency and streamlining processes. This xkcd comic, for better or worse, probably sums up my dilemma:
XKCD: The General Problem