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Jonathan Leistiko

I'm interested in:

  • Arduino,
  • Making things with basic electronic components (transistors, resistors, relays; nothing more "advanced" than a 555 timer),
  • Laminar flow fountains
  • Origami,
  • Building stuff with plaster, paper maché, and other simple materials.

I'm skilled in:

  • Game design (specifically board games) and the game industry,
  • Repairing Apple computers (hardware and software),
  • Building basic e-commerce and community sites in Drupal,
  • Instructional design.

My current "big" projects include:

Useful tools I have easy access to include:

  • A Dremel tool,
  • An LCD projector,
  • Apple service manuals,
  • A radial saw,
  • A Sawzall,
  • A fairly tall (~15') ladder,
  • A 13" x 19" photo-quality inkjet printer (Canon S9000).

Projects I hope to start working on include:

  • Building a MAME cabinet,
  • Building a simple laminar flow fountain out of "common" PVC,
  • Prototyping "happy cubes": Little cellular automata that "communicate" in very simple ways, obeying very simple rules. This project has several simple sub-steps, like better understanding how to use IR and Hall effect sensors, mastering the use of 555 timers in one-shot mode, etc...