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Joined ATX Hackerspace June 21, 2011. Born Dec. 1, 1957. My first hack was discovering in the summer of 1967 while living in Florissant, MO. that if I dialed 8 on our rotary phone and waited just a bit I would hear a low off and on tone and voices. Turns out other kids had found out the same thing and we could all hear one another and we kind of had a chat room. Then shortly after that I discovered that I could set the dial on my little TV halfway between channels 4 and 5 and use the UHF knob to tune in radio stations. Those two events really opened my eyes to the fact you could make things do things there weren't designed to do.

(one of) My Website(s)= And I'm not really an egomaniac, though it may look that way.

IRC handle: Boris Logoff.