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The Tool Acquisition Committee (TAC) was formed to organize the acquisition and disposal of the various tools available at the Hackerspace.

We will maintain a list of all the equipment desired by the members and attempt to obtain them by whatever means available, by equipment loan, donation, or purchase.

A Google spreadsheet is posted here with the latest information. If you need a tool, by all means, add it, it's open for editing. Note there are columns for desired specs and suggested purchasing locations or links to product pages. Please don't delete or shuffle things around though.

As of April 2012 we switched to a $500/mo budget under Matt Mancuso and Danny Miller, and a more aggressive purchasing scheme. We've added dozens of small items (most of which are line-items now listed as struck on the spreadsheet) and a glorious 15-in Craftsman floor drill press which was gotten from Craigslist for all of $95. Yay capital equipment for nearly free!

If you have requests or items to offer, contact Matt or Danny.

There was a separate $500 budget created for a set of soldering stations for teaching, which was somewhat in limbo after the exit of the member who drove it. The budget was brought back up in May 2012 and about $300 used to purchase 3x Hakko soldering stations and diagonal cutters, about $200 remains in it for the purchase of soldering stuff.


2011 Tool Report

Tool Credit Card (pre-April 2012)

The current balance is $100.02, and an additional $100 (for December) arriving in the next couple of days.

To see the current tool spreadsheet, go to

The Annual Tool budget is: $1000

Funds Spent : $490.26425

2011 Tool Purchase Summary
10pc Metric 3/8" Socket Set 19.99 7/30
10pc Inch 3/8" Socket Set 19.99 7/30
Outside Caliper 10.99 7/30
5pc File Set 29.99 7/30
Chisel Set 29.99 7/30
Pop Rivets 2.99 7/30
Pop Rivets 2.99 7/30
2pc Folding Hex Wrench Set (inch & metric) 19.99 7/30
Pop Rivet Tool 10.99 7/30
8pc Screwdriver set 14.99 7/30
18pc Screwdriver set 20.99 7/30
12pc Metric Combination Wrench Set 29.99 9/3
12pc Inch Combination Wrench Set 29.99 9/3
Long Nose Pliers 15.99 9/3
Diagonal Cutters 17.99 9/3
Spade Drill Bit Set 19.99 9/30
18pc Deep Socket Set 39.99 9/30
4 Foot 12 Outlet Power Strip 26.99 9/30
Hakko FX888 Soldering Station Kit 88.08 est. 11/28

May: 100ft 22ga zip wire, 6 rolls of 22ga solid protoboard hookup wire, flux pen, straight crosslock tweezers, angled crosslock tweezers, longnose smoothjaw pliers, short angle pliers, end-cut dikes D-sub crimper, drill press visegrip, drill press rack replacement part, Fluke multimeter, Rockwell RK4246K random orbit sander, 50x Mirka 60 grit disks, 50x Mirka 220 grit disks, Hakko SMD needle tip, Hakko D32 screwdriver tip, jeweler's screwdriver kit, 520pc terminal kit, Locktite removable/permanent.

Currently in the mail: V-belts for drill press

Major Tool Acquisitions


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