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Are you a former TechShop member looking for another Makerspace to work in?

ATX Hackerspace hosts Open House nights from 6pm-10pm every Tuesday night. Come take a look! (or keep reading)

ATXHS is an all volunteer organization, with a great social atmosphere and community. We are strongly DIY, including the care and maintenance of our shop.

We have a great collection of woodworking tools, 3d printers, cnc machines, sewing / leatherwork / welding equipment, 2 ULS laser cutters, a full Biolab, coworking cubicles, and the lounge/classroom which host a variety of meet-ups ranging from soapmaking to software dev, botany, TheRobotGroup, Arduino classes, etc...

We are open 24/7 and there's almost always someone friendly around if you have questions, need a hand or just feel like hanging out at 3 am.


Membership is $100/mo ( $75/mo if you use auto-pay ) and provides 24/7 access via keyfob/keycard. These are issued after you've signed up, paid your first month's dues, and completed our orientation class. (usually Tue evenings before/after open house) There will probably be additional orientation classes on sat or sun through the rest of 2017. Check the main page or here for details as they become available.

All the big equipment requires a basic training or safety class before use.

  • If you have taken a safety class at TechShop and we can verify it, we may lower the cost of taking our safety course or waive it depending on the tool or course.
  • See the Resources menu above for tools & equipment we have.
  • See the Events menu for meetups, classes, and calendars to reserve equipment like a laser cutter or the auto bay. (class instructors authorize folks for relevant calendar after they've taken the class)

Hackerspace vs Makerspace

Why hackerspace instead of makerspace? We like the term. We're "hackers" in the sense that we like to understand what makes things tick. Most of us are pretty good at building or tweaking things as a result.

Strictly ethical "white hat" hacking here, our motto is "be excellent to each other, and make a difference in the community".

[ by Riley) ]