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I was doing a long raster and in the middle of it the text started drifting. 1. I stopped the machine and reset it and tried to run a single piece but it look to be shifting again, so 2. Powered the laser down and reset the breaker (5min) in the back to power down the drivers. Also rebooted the computer. Powered everything back up and ran another test.

3. Still drifting. Not sure what to do next. Here is some data I collected

I have grid marks on my jig at

1st one is at :X=24.0 Y=23.5

2nd is at X=24.0 Y=.5

3rd is at X= 47.5 Y=12

After the issue I went and checked these marks again (using XYZ on the laser)and here is the data:

1st one is at :X=24.35 Y=23.5

2nd is at X=24.28 Y=.5

3rd is at X= 47.78 Y=12

If you look at the text it is stepping out roughly ever .5" in Y.

Looks like X is drifting. I will leave the 3 pieces of wood here so you can see what its doing.

Please let me know what the fix is so I can understand.