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Post Concert Clean Up

Here is a list of tasks we need to do in cleaning up / upgrading the shop as off Tuesday March 27 2018: >

  • Move panel saw back to original position (it is currently by the Blue Laser)
    • Clean panel saw ( it's covered in dust )
    • Test panel saw and make sure it is operational, or red tag it
  • First Aid - there is a Walmart bag above the first aid cabinet with additional bandaids and other stuff, it needs to be unpacked and put in the First Aid cabinet, and old bandaids that are not sticky any more should be tossed out
  • Eye wash station
    • Clean the eye wash station
    • Find a good place for it and mount it
    • Locate the rubber cups for it, red-tag it and post to the list if you can't find them
    • Fill it and test it
  • Move all welding stuff from the red laser area to the welding area
  • The leather working tools are in a black plastic box in the leather working area. Take them out, put them in their holes on that shelf, clean and organize as necessary (best done by a person who does leather working)
  • Identify all loose electrical sockets in the woodshop area and mark them with blue painter's tape, and post to the list how many new sockets we should buy.
  • Get the 4ft x 4ft pieces of OSB that are underneath the scaffolding at the end of the shop, and use them to make a railing / barrier around the top the stairs to that scaffolding. The OSB must be attached to the inside of the posts so that someone could lean on it. Don't do this if you don't understand it.
  • Get the long green railings that are by the auto bay workbench and bring them to the top of the scaffolding that was moved, and put them back on.
  • Use the green metal backing from the shelves and zip ties, or pieces of plywood and deck screws, to line the top of the scaffolding that was moved, so that nothing could accidently roll off the scaffolding.
  • Test each shop vac underneath the back scaffolding, and replace it's filter if needed, or red-tag for possible disposal.
  • Finish hanging the last red welding curtain.
  • There is a large dewar flask underneath a shop table in front of the metal CNC area -- put it in the Bio/Chem Lab.
  • Post a sign that that says "DO NOT LEAVE THIS CABINET OPEN" on both doors of the flammables cabinet
  • Move the smaller red sand blasting cabinet that is in the red laser area close to the stairs over to the autobay area, against the green scaffolding.
  • Put the Hitachi chop saw on a table against the wall where it used to be. Hook up a shop vac for dust collection if possible.
  • Take the "Steel Only" barrel by the auto bay door to recycling. Keep the barrel and bring it back.
  • Check that every fire extinquisher is mounted and that there are no empty fire extinquisher mounting brackets. If any are in need of re-charge red tag them and email the atxhs-members list.
  • Move the "Hacker Jail" shelf contents to the scrap cart or trash as appropriate.
  • Make a sign that says "Scrap Cart -- Anything On This Cart is Free to Use" and post it on the Scrap Cart.
  • Check the red sand blasting cabinet and red-tag if it is not operational and post to the atxhs-members list what it needs.
  • Move the larger blue sand blasting cabinet that is by the band saw and flammables over to the autobay area, against the green scaffolding.
  • Check the blue sand blasting cabinent to see if it is operational, and red-tag it and post what it needs to the atxhs-members list if necessary
  • Move the 4 grey car dollys and 1 black car dolly to underneath the autobay workbench for storage.
  • Move the rolling stainless steel table ( the one about 6ft x 2ft that looks like hospital equipment) to between the auto bay and metal area.
  • There are several plastic tubs of electrical conduit and wire, PVC pipe, and rolls of vinyl wall base in the metal CNC area -- move those to on top of the scaffolding at the back of the shop.
  • Come up with a plan for a drill and battery charger area like this one or similar | and post it to the list


Here is a list of tasks we propose for accomplish Monday / Tuesday May 29-30 2017:

  • Clean out / organize area under the scaffolding by the car bay.
    • This should be the first task because we need to move other stuff here
    • big steel hoods should be placed outside if not already gone
      Steel hoods
    • stack other stuff more organized and densely
    • preserve access to bio hood at the back
  • Move items from hallway:
    • Rolling server racks to underneath scaffolding by car bay
    • Rolling cabinents of computer / electronic stuff to underneath scaffolding by car bay
    • Doors to underneath scaffolding by car bay
    • Incubators / bio stuff to Bio Lab
  • Clean off all items from tables in the shop, including the small one by the hand tools, so that all surfaces are clear. (The one by the band saw / chop saw is a separate task.)
  • Table by band saw / chop saw area -- remove all non-working tools to underneath car bay scaffolding, with red tag
  • Move all office type rolling chairs from the shop to the lounge or 3D printing area (leave the ones by the lasers to be decided by the laser people). Office chair in shop.jpg
  • Finish the shelves in the shop bathroom, so cleaning and other supplies around the space can be stored there.
  • Plastic shelves in the middle of the shop by welding curtains -- contents go in shop bathroom, shelves too if they fit, otherwise throw away the shelves Plastic shelves.jpg
  • Put the handicapped bars up by the toilet in the shop bathroom where they used to be.
  • Organize and clean hand tool shelves, label where needed.
  • Find who the propane grill bottles belong too and get rid of them (by the stairs to the scaffolding above the red laser).
  • Clean Blue Laser area ( disassemble green shelves, vacuum everything ), replace black ikea table with folding legs wood table that is in the hallway.
  • Clean Red Laser area; remove material underneath red laser, put red laser body part on the back, back on
  • Organize auto bay work table and tools, remove oil containers (throw in dumpster if empty, take to disposal if not)
  • Sweep the parking spaces in front of the Hackerspace entrance
  • Move all inside style chairs (green stackable office chairs) that are outside, to inside in the lobby or classroom or lounge
  • Make a sign for Open House, that tells people where to wait for a tour, what the wifi password is, and where to wait for the orientation class
  • Vacuum and carpet clean (we have a carpet cleaner and fluid) the carpet in the lounge
  • Print out a stack of waivers on paper so we don't have to wait on the tablet when there is a line of people
  • Sort through construction leftovers on green shelf that is leaning across from the Red Laser, throw away or put away, disassemble green shelving
    Junk Shelf
  • Move acid cabinent into bio lab
  • Throw out stove by the saw stop if it is still there
Junk Stove

The plan of action is you show up, pick a task that hasn't been done yet, do it, and then cross it off the list. Put your name as the person working on it. We are planning to work all day, but most people are showing up at noon on both days. On Tuesday we have to finish early because of open house.