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Our discussion on Friday on this topic was related to a single project. I am still proposing this as a test of the concept with our initial pack upgrade. However, I think there may be enough benefit to us and to the space to consider a longer term arrangement. So, I have framed my proposal in that context.

Should this proposal be seconded, I will be requesting that it be placed on the agenda for Tuesday's meeting and I will be prepared to do a brief demonstration about REVOLT and our projects.

Thanks for your consideration,

/Aaron Choate

REVOLT Electric Vehicles @ ATX Hackerspace proposal

Aaron Choate proposes that ATX Hackerspace enter into an agreement for REVOLT electric vehicles to operate in the space so that they can do a 2 month pack upgrade project. REVOLT will pay for one co-working space and contribute funds towards the storage fund in exchange for:

a desk in the co-working room, the ability to reserve space on the shop floor for an electric vehicle conversion project,

and some space in the member storage area to store tools and project supplies.  

The vehicle build space would be out of the way of the vehicle bay such that ATX Hackerspace members’ ability to do short term vehicle projects would not be impacted.

REVOLT will also ensure that anybody working at the space in their employ will have automatically paid Hackerspace memberships.

What will REVOLT be doing with the space?

We build performance electric vehicle projects for clients. We design in 3D and use the tools that are available to us to fabricate the components we need. The initial project we are looking to host at the space is a pack upgrade for a Porsche 911. If the membership chooses to allow this arrangement to continue after that project completes, future potential projects include a Kharman Ghia upgrade, a Porsche Boxster project and a custom carbon fiber vehicle project. As it is prohibited in the lease, at no time will REVOLT do the engine extraction aspects of our projects at the space.

What are the benefits to the membership?

We have many of the tools we need to do the design and to work on our cars. We will host them at the space and can work out how to make them available for use by the membership with appropriate training or supervision. These include many of the common automotive tools, but also a NextEngine 3D scanner and a Microscribe 3D digitizer.

We need access to a variety of basic machine tools. (brakes, shears, lathes) As the Hackerspace works to acquire tools, we would likely help pitch in to ensure that the tools we most need can be obtained for the common good.

We love talking about electric cars and the bits that make them go. The projects we bring in will be in the space and open to viewing and participation if we’re doing something that members can help with.

We enjoy talking about electric cars.. We support the local DIY electric vehicle community through our involvement in We would like to bring that group into the space to do open garages with our projects, intro-to-EVs seminars or even a hi speed electric go-cart build workshop from time to time. The open garages would bring potential members to the space and the workshops could generate income through the Hackerspace classes program.

We REALLY enjoy sharing information about how we do what we do... We will be doing video of and writing about many aspects of our builds and sharing those on our site and however else we can get the word out. We will take that opportunity to share the fact that ATX Hackerspace is making this possible and how being members of the Hackerspace works for us.


FYI - this is what I have so far - let me know whether you think it is fair and where we should proceed with further discussion.

membership - Aaron Choate 50 membership - Cara Fealy-Choate 50 membership - Christopher Robison 50 membership - REVOLT intern 50 work area/storage fees contribution 170 co-work desk area fees 150

While the total REVOLT monthly contribution would be $520. Aaron, Cara and Chris are all already Hackerspace members. Thus, this proposal represents an additional $370 monthly contribution to the Hackerspace finances.