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This is a project to create a precious-plastics style plastic shredder [| PreciousPlastic], and ultimately an extruder to make 3D printing filament from shredded recycled plastic.


  • Alex Bovtenko
  • Rob Ristroph
  • Arno
  • Steven Black

Overall plan:

  1. Build from plans or buy a plastic shredder, to shred the large amount of clean waste produced by the stencil business operations.
  2. Test re-melting that into stock for milling or other use.
  3. Build an extruder that would make PET filament from the shredded film.
  4. Use a dedicated 3D printer with a larger diameter nozzle for this filament, it would not be appropriate for the other printers (recycled filament is likely to be incosistent or dirty and mess up 3D printers).

Notes from meeting 22 April 2018:

We had been stuck for a while

Notes from meeting 18 March 2018:

  • Steven Black is joining the project, wants to help with financing, is interested in teaching classes on using it, and wants to eventually produce extruded structs.
  • We decided to buy the parts from Hiram in Mexico.
  • We need to find a motor. Alex will look for a new option from McMaster as the expensive back up option, Rob is going to review some other stuff we have laying around.

Other ideas: bicycle or other power to crank it

Notes from meeting on 11 March 2018:

  • Alex reports difficulty in getting metric stock for all the parts, this has been more difficult that expect
  • Alex suggests we convert to inches / imperial, even though getting the design consistent may take time -- someone in Mexico ( already done an attempt at an imperial design, we can start from that
  • We want to get on the Precious Plastics bazaar
  • Alex has a 3D model we looked at on the big screen

Design suggestions:

  • make all electronics enclosures clear acrylic so people can see them
  • Should we just buy the one from the guy in mexico ? Is that one properly adjusted with the hole for tabs reflecting the new material thickness ?
  • We decided to buy the one from mexico and sent them some questions about shipping

We cleaned up a bit more on the scaffolding at the back of shop.

We decided to start getting a bill of materials for extrusion machine also.