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Recent photos of the Hackerspace:

Lounging Around 4762.jpg
Microcontrollers, Open House, lounging around in the lounge.

standing left - Chris, sitting middle - Riley, standing right - Luke, walking - Artie

LED build flashlight.jpg
Members and visitors to LED Build with Instructables blinkies.

Cactus Bath with icosahedron.jpg
Colin Hendee (Cactus Bath Creative) with an icosahedron, part of a recent stage creation for a Houston show.

Delta 3D printer.jpg
A Delta 3D Printer constructed by Hans Loeblich.
The Delta, shown at the ATXHS "Print All The Things!", will be co-hosted at the Space.

Workshop in the morning.

Sam constructing Faraday cage for ArcAttack.jpg
Sam McFadden of ArcAttack works on construction of a new Faraday cage.

3D print mud pump model.jpg
Rob Ristroph's 3D printed model of a mud pump.

Quinten Rhea with Matt Steinke.jpg
Matt Steinke being interviewed by Quinten Rhea on KOOP's Austin Artists Show on artists at ATXHS.

Class discussion 2034x1155.jpg
Matt Wilczynski's soapmaking class preliminary chemistry section.

Danny working on his CNC mill 1.jpg
Danny works on his large CNC mill in the early stages of the build.

Danny working on his CNC mill 2.jpg
Danny fine-tuning the large CNC mill build.

Marcos and Rob view latest.jpg
Marcos and Rob in workshop viewing the latest performance piece technical design by Marcos.

Colin and Ashley on Voice and Exit project.jpg
Colin and Ashley working on a Voice and Exit project at the Hackerspace.
To the left are Colin's dodecahedrons for projection mapping project.

Workshop area photo taken from Crafts Area.

Panoramic shot of the workspace suites.

Workshop area of our new space at 9701 Dessau Rd.

Some of our equipment waiting to move into the new space!

Laserbat Showdown by the Tesseract Travelers, Nov 26th 2010. (Sadly we had to leave this behind at the old space)

It was highly pleasurable to have dorkbot fill our space. This was at the old space on Rutherford Lane.