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When you are done using the space, to be excellent to the next person who needs to use it:

  • Seal and put away all food.
  • Sweep, vacuum, and tidy up around the area you were working at, and in general
  • Put away chairs and tables, make sure all your tools are put away in the right place
  • If there are any trash bins that are full, take out the trash (If you have a recycling program where you live, please consider grabbing a bag of recycling and haul it out with you)
  • Reset the AC to 80F. It will reset itself at midnight, six AM, noon, and six PM if you forget. (Note that there is an AC control for both the front lobby and the workshop area).
  • Make sure the exhaust vents are turned off.
  • Make sure all power tools (such as the air compressor) are turned off.
  • Check that the back door and garage door are securely locked.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Set the alarm (you have 90 seconds to vacate once armed)
  • If you were hosting an event, remember to take the door out of party mode.