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The following is a change to the Expense policy, proposed on May 15th, 2012. It is still subject to review by the Membership and Board

  • Expenses under $50 for a given project are "petty cash" and only need a sign-off from a board member.
    • Keep your receipt, follow the instructions in the "petty cash" drawer to be reimbursed.
    • Your receipt MUST BE SIGNED BY A CURRENT BOARD MEMBER to be reimbursed via petty cash.
  • An un-budgeted expense between $50 and $500 requires signed approval from the Chairman and one other Board member.
    • $500(plus tax) is the maximum that can be expensed outside the Budget without Board approval.
    • If expensed: Purchase the item, and submit description of the expense + receipt to the treasurer.
    • Otherwise, submit a cart/quote/purchase order request to the [1] and the order will be put in and paid via check or credit card.
  • Budgeted and approved expenses over $500 and less than $1000
    • If expensed: Purchase the item, and submit an expense report + receipt to the treasurer.
    • Once the item has been identified and negotiated, submit the cart/quote/purchase order to be paid for by ATX Hackerspace via check or credit card.
    • To ensure the best value, unless the item is only sold by a single vendor, at least two quotes must be pulled.
    • If you submit an approved invoice/cart/list to treasurer@atxhackerspace.org, it will be purchased using the company card in a timely manner for you.
  • Budgeted and approved expenses >$1k are major capital expenses, which require the Chairman and the Treasurer to counter-sign. These cannot be purchase and reimbursed without the Chairman + Treasurer's sign-off, and must always be paid directly through ATX Hackerspace whether directly or through loan/lease agreements.

Petty Cash

  • Expenses under $50 can be done as petty cash transactions
  • Petty cash transactions must be approved, and signed off by a board member
  • The receipt for petty cash must show:
What the purchase was for. e.g. "plaster for mezzanine" "USB cord for printer" "paper for copier"
Who spent the money. e.g. "Martin B" "Mark G" (please use first and last name. We have a lot of Matts, Davids, etc)
Which board member approved the expenditure
How and if it was paid. "Petty Cash" "check" "PAID"
The full date (1/1/2011)