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100 Crazy Hackers Party Planner



Party Fund

  • The base party fund is at $150 ( Jan + Feb )
  • The Mojito bar is sponsored from 9-10pm
  • An anonymous donor has added $75 to the party fund

Things that Need to Get Done

To volunteer to do something, type your name next to it. When you have finished the task, move it to the "things that are finished" category. All expenses will be reimbursed from the Party Fund ($150 as of this moment)


  • ( unconfirmed ) 5-7pm Bruce Sterling Book Signing
  • 7-7:30 pm quick party reset! Get the decorations going, ice chests poured, simple drinks ready
  • 7:30-8pm Open the doors, get the cake in and get ready for the Birthday Girl
  • 8pm : Happy Birthday!!!!!!! (and lets get the party started!)
  • 9pm Mojito Bar Opens!


  • Soft Drinks
    • Buy 2 24-can flats of Coke, Mountain Dew, Sprite, and Diet equivalents [Michelle]
    • One or two large flats of bottled water [Michelle]
    • Coffee / Iced Tea will be made on-site [Michelle]
  • Alcoholic Drinks
    • Locate TABC qualified people to tend bar from 9-11pm [ Martin ]
      • Eric Blount will be the head bartender
      • Mert Eastman will be backup bartender
    • Mojitos
      • Mojito bar will be sponsored, and run from 9-11pm
      • 2 Bottles of White Wine (Reisling), 2 Bottles of Red (Cabernet) from Barefoot Winery
      • When mojitos run out, bar will switch to simple mixed drinks until cabinet runs out
    • Beer
      • Glass bottle, Shiner, 24 pack [ Michelle ]
      • Red Hook IPA 6 pack
      • Guinness 6 pack



  • Glow Paint Poster Area
    • Unmount the blacklights from under the mezzanine
    • build light mounts so they point at the wall
    • buy blacklight sensitive poster paints (maybe fingerpaints)
    • buy black and white poster board packs for people to paint on
  • Fake skull [ Jon Kelly ]
  • Medical / Scientific Tools
  • Set up the Oscilloscope with a ring generator
  • Jacob's Ladder [ Tim Fredlund ]
  • Dry Ice Bubbling Equipment
    • Buy some clear, inexpensive tubing at Home Depot
    • Food Dye
    • 10-20 pounds of Dry Ice
  • Fog machine
    • Test the fog machine, clean it, make sure it works, buy correct fogging fluid if needed
  • Get or make simple slip covers for the old manky leather couches ( or craigslist them and get new ones )


  • Buy eight new 8' light bulbs for the hackerspace light fixtures
  • Design and build a lighting and wiring truss to hang from the ceiling
  • Get a scissor lift [ Martin, DONE ]
  • Use lift, ladders and other to install rack lighting, decorations, pull the screen up higher
  • Make a ceiling projector shelf, and bolt the projector to it, with a loooong VGA and power cable
  • Wireless microphone! We need a microphone!


  • Thursday
    • Party decorations for the Mad Science Theme! We're looking for:
      • A fake skull [ Jon Kelly ]
      • Science-y beakers, flasks, and equipment [ Patricia ]
      • A tesla coil or Jacobs ladder [ Danny, Tim ]
      • Plasma balls, lightning balls, those 'Borg' discs with the beads and plasma inside
      • Anything that feels like "MAD SCIENCE"
    • Cleaning up the Hackerspace
      • put away all the tools and stack/put away the tables
      • empty and clean the bathroom
      • empty and clean the fridge
      • clean the sink, restock cups plates and supplies
      • put away the coffee machine, microwave, and items on the table at the bottom of stairs
      • lock alcohol and valuable items into the flammables cabinet
    • Mezzanine
      • finish cleaning up the mezzanine, it's going to be the DJ booth and lounge
      • all the mezzanine table space cleaned off
      • cut a piece of plywood to size to put on top of the laser cutter, and cover with a tarp or cloth
    • Workshop
      • Buy a bunch of black mesh or gray tarps from Harbor Freight
      • Cover the lathe, and hang tarps on nails to cover the "member storage" area and the stairs area
  • Friday
    • Fix the lights in the hackerspace [ Martin, Matt Mancuso, ?? ]
    • Clean the bathroom, remove all the stuff being stored there.
    • Pack loose piles of materials
    • Throw away or recycle any left-over unused materials
    • Fix, Recycle, or throw away any broken chairs/furniture
    • Clean the sink, and food prep area
    • Sweep floors clean
    • Vacuum the front room
  • Saturday Morning
    • Clear all benches and tables of tools, put tools away
    • Pack away, cover, and protect all the machines
    • Clean the mezzanine room to let it be a Drinks Lounge
    • Clean the front room to let it be a conversation lounge
  • Saturday by Noon
    • Tables all either removed or stacked away
    • "compact" the member shelf area to one side
    • Test the microphone and speaker system, make sure it works
    • Get signage out on the street so people know where to go
  • Saturday by 4pm
    • TBD

Things that are Finished

Things that Won't Get Done

  • Make .. more .. GOO. Maybe different goo?
  • Oobleck on a subwoofer
  • PULL .. THE .. SWITCH! (find a big switch, do something fun with it)