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Space Search 2012


We are looking for a new space to move into since our lease is up in August. Here are the general requirements:

  • We are looking for something bigger than our current space (currently ~1400 sq ft), ultimately should be at least 2500 sq ft to even think about it
  • Generally speaking warehouse space goes for about $0.75 per sq ft including NNN on the upper-mid range, we'd like to keep it under
  • The above value translates to about $0.55 without NNN
  • Has to be 100% HVAC (air conditioning)
  • Parking - should be somewhere around 10 dedicated spots with area to park up to 60 cars relatively close by for larger events
  • At least 1 Drive up bay door or more
  • I'm not sure on what we should be looking for exactly, in regards to zoning, but make sure it allows for Light Industrial work; that should cover what we're doing
  • 3 Phase power is ultimately a nice to have, as we can fake it

Possible Spaces

8906 Wall Street, Suite 504