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The Networking Committee was founded to help dictate a direction and find solutions for the networking and assorted technology needs for the Hackerspace. Specialized tasks are deferred to this committee to (a) enable those who are interested/knowledgeable to come to consensus, and (b) keep the noise modular and away from the main communications channels.

The committee has internal discussions, followed by a formal vote (in the case of significant decisions), and provides feedback to the membership. Meetings are announced and can be attended by anyone.

A mailing list and archives are at!members/network.

( An older mailing list and archives are at )


  • Network maintenance and management at the space
  • Static device/IP delegation
  • ChaosVPN network integration at the space
  • ChaosVPN datacenter node and service management
  • Services integration, including Cerberus-Prox


Current Projects

  • Pennyworth: The Pennyworth project is a self-service membership management kiosk which is integrated into the hackerspace's backend systems.
  • HackerDirectory: HackerDirectory is an implementation of LDAP that is used for both a directory listing of member data ( in case of need of contact ), as well as providing an authentication target for hackerspace-related services.
  • Router Migration: We're in the process of migrating our router from an old ebox machine to a x86 openwrt distribution. This should significantly improve both internal network communications speed/quality and provide an easier interface for firewall configuration.
  • Cerberus-Prox Migration: We have outgrown our poor little 1U Cerberus-Prox server, so a new one is being prepared to help deal with our growth and integrate better with the HackerDirectory.

Ongoing Projects

  • ChaosVPN: We are part of a international community of hackers sharing a darknet called ChaosVPN, and always looking for new ways to use the network.

Previous Members