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Board Meeting


Board Members: Kye (ED), Flip (HR), Valerie (Dir Admin), Rob (Treasurer), Eric (Dir Fac), R. D. (Dir. Op)

ATXHS Members:



  • Member follow ups
    • Did someone address members not wearing a mask/face covering? We should also see if members will volunteer to write procedures for areas they care about
  • Supplies for sanitation, members working on sanitation docs have both asked about what we have on hand and what more we might need.
    • What is our current inventory?
    • Caroline went through the bathrooms and cleaned them and went through supplies
    • Spray bottles and more cleaner
    • Tons of paper towels, probably good on toilet paper for at least a while
    • We have several gallons of bleach that we can put in spray bottles
    • We should order more gloves and masks
    • Do we need to try to order masks, gloves, cleaning supplies, spray bottles (Marie offered to pick some up at the store)
    • Are we going to ask members to do temperature checks? If so, do we have a no touch thermometer on hand?
    • Thermometer ordered, don’t have one now. Don’t think it should be required, but we should have it available if anyone wants to do it.
  • Enforcement?
    • There has been a request to hire someone to be an enforcer, but with past conversations around “employment status” that seems like a potential no go.
    • How can we set up a community of enforcement? Utilize the alias? More frequent surveillance cam checks? In the early stages while we are getting members accustomed to new processes, we will have more board oversight to help reinforce new practices. We don't want to put members in a position to have to confront someone in person, so we will ask members to report issues to
  • Review financial report from Rob
    • We’ve been promising this to members since March and need to follow through. Still don't have a report.
    • Member who is a CPA has offered her services to us on multiple occasions. Could this person be ATXHS accountant?
  • Solidify reopen plan
    • What are our hours going to be? We will start with limited hours while we are getting processes in place to handle remaining open.
    • Who will unlock/lock the door when? We will mark on the Skedda calendar who is responsible for each day.
    • What are we going to do differently if the Austin stay at home order is extended (which Alder has said he is likely to do, article here)? We did not get to address this point.
  • Review Skedda settings
    • Valerie will run through a quick demo and implement changes people feel need to be added
  • Review slide deck for member meeting
    • Adjustments needed based on details of plans
    • Any specific survey questions people think should be added?

SLACK 5/7/20

    • BOARD VOTE: APPROVED - Vote to approve the linked HVAC agreement from RD's contact: {In favor: Kye, Valerie, Eric, RD; Opposed: None; Absent: Drew, Flip, Rob}