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Board Meeting


Board Members: Kye (ED), Flip (HR), Valerie (Dir Admin), Rob (Treasurer), RD (Dir Ops), Eric (Dir Fac)


  • Current conditions in Austin
    • April 29: 1,591 cases, 44 deaths in Travis County. Last two days case count has had a large jump.
    • Governor Abbott issued reopen plan orders on 4/28 here; in his order he states that he is superseding local orders.
    • Free COVID testing is now available in Austin [1]
    • US’s health score has gone up, but we still account for the highest number of cases and consistently have the highest daily growth by at least 4x or much more.
  • Financial update
    • Current bank balance: ~$48,000
    • Rob status on calling Amplify to talk about logins (read-only) and adding others on account? Rob has not followed up with documents requested to move forward with Amplify.
    • BOARD VOTE: Motion to remove access and signatory for Martin Bogomolni on Amplify bank account and add access and signatory for Kye Flannery and Valerie Wilmot: {In favor: Kye, Valerie, Flip, Eric, RD, Rob; Opposed: None; Absent: Drew}
    • Rob: Tried to get our bank accounts linked so we can pay rent electronically, may have to pay with paper check for May.
    • How is it going for dispersing funds for COVID Open Collective?
    • GoFundMe has raised $4700
    • The space has a few hundred dollars that we spent on the hackerspaces card that can be reimbursed(Foam hot glue gun etc.)
    • We could spend $2400 on injection mold setup and would need to
    • Rob: I’m in favor of doing it if we can find a way to do it in time to be able to meet PPE needs, otherwise it looks like we used it as an excuse to get something we just wanted for the space.
    • Pioneer Bank update: Kye shared a Google Doc with info. Account has not yet been opened.
    • BOARD VOTE: Motion to open bank account with Pioneer bank with access and signatory for Kye Flannery, Robert Ristroph, and Valerie Wilmot: {In favor: Kye, Valerie, Flip, Eric, RD, Rob; Opposed: None; Absent: Drew}
    • Valerie's report: We are positioned to be bringing in right around the amount needed for monthly expenses for May invoices. We still have not yet had to dip into the bank account during closure period and cancellations have slowed down this month. 72 cancellations (47 interested in rejoining), $5,260 lost in member dues. 16 donations totaling $,405.
  • HVAC contract
    • RD got a new contract with a friend offering a lower rate, link to new contract and certificate of liability provided to board members.
    • $1,290 for four visits a year - Kye mentioned coil cleaning last week, is that included?
    • BOARD VOTE: Sign contract as presented in documents reviewed: {In favor: Kye, Valerie, Flip, Eric, RD, Rob; Opposed: None; Absent: Drew}
  • Member updates
    • Has car been removed from property? As of 4/251, yes.

Did Rob email Meetup website person? They are posting recurring events which are not currently happening. We need to have control to make edits to this account. As of 4/29, no.

    • Discussion to address individual member access requests
    • James offered to host his 3D resin printer at the space
    • Rob: With hosting agreements maybe we should do it for a period of time then review it.
    • Eric: We should have in the agreement that he has to teach a class on it.
  • COVID reopen team update
    • Eric will send out an email to reconvene this group.
    • Link to Google doc here for COVID Reopen team notes.
    • Kye: update from Joel Leonard (Nation of Makers) meeting
  • COVID response team/GoFundMe update - Helping the medical communities
    • GoFundMe page: current: $4,700. Only 1 new donation in the past week
    • Have we seen improvement on following rules re: PPE only?
    • How did it go addressing individuals? EXECUTIVE SESSION
  • Engaging ATXHS Community from Home
    • PAST - Tuesday 4/28 7pm: Alex Botvenko Maker/Entrepreneur of StencilsLAB Wall Stencils ( Recording online here
    • Workshop Show & Tell recurring event every Saturday at 4pm. Last week’s was small, but ended up including questions about what is going on with the space. Should we host an official member meeting? Yes, will host one next week as it is first Wednesday. We will include info about reopening plan.
  • Email update
    • Quick email with info on reopening, advisory team, and member meeting.