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Board Meeting


Board Members: Kye (ED), Flip (HR), Valerie (Dir Admin), Rob (Treasurer), RD (Dir Ops), Eric (Dir Fac)


  • Current conditions in Austin
  • NEW - City order for stay home through May 8, masks in public mandatory; link to official order here
    • April 14: 977 cases, 17 deaths in Austin. Hospitalization datapoints have been added to city dashboard
  • Financial update
    • Current bank balance: ~$48,000 (main acct) $4,500 (crowdfund acct)
    • Do we want to offer members prepay for 1 yr/6 mths?
    • Consensus: We probably don’t have a need to promote this right now, but should keep it in mind. Especially if we end up needing a big capital expensive to reopen, like some sort of needed equipment
    • Valerie's report: ~$15,584 in paid member invoices for April, puts us currently above even for the month. 65 cancellations (42 interested in rejoining), $4,735 lost in member dues. 16 donations totaling $1,405.
  • Member updates
    • Car still in parking lot. Contacting members again.
    • Clarify Fridge Policy: No food/condiments left in the fridge when you leave. Volume no larger than your lunch box/single meal.
    • BOARD VOTE: Vote to approve policy as written above: {In favor: RD, Kye, Val, Flip, Rob, Eric; Absent - Drew}
    • No personal possessions allowed to stay 24 hours. Only project related items allowed 24 hours. Items staying beyond 24 hours must have the form filled out for long term storage.
  • SBA Loan
    • Rob’s review of info: Biggest program is specifically dedicated to payroll, the other one the application process seems cumbersome and requires financial information for all owners and documenting loss of income due to COVID. One probably wouldn’t get us anything and the other didn’t look like it would clearly help. They don’t look like something we would do. The second one is an ongoing program and could be applicable if we needed to do some big thing if we needed to reopen.
  • Discourse update
    • Nothing new
  • Mailchimp
    • Valerie had to import the email list (MC would not allow sending to a Google Group alias); immediate positive feedback from Billie and Frank; show analytics available.
  • HVAC (MTech)
    • Reviewed contract
    • $1,650 for two visits a year
    • Kye will send contract to Julie to see what she has to say
    • BOARD VOTE: Vote to approve contract pending Julie approval: {In favor - Kye, Val, Rob, RD, Eric; Absent - Flip and Drew}
  • Website migration
  • COVID reopen team update - next meeting? Member survey?
    • No update on member survey
    • RD: When do we think we will be opening back up in some capacity
    • Consensus seems to be that it will be sometime in May starting with people who use the space for their businesses
  • COVID response team/GoFundMe update - Helping the medical communities
    • Current GoFundMe raised: $4,280
    • Open Collective for dispersement of funds
  • How to keep the community engaged
    • Workshop Show & Tell happened Saturday and will be a recurring event
    • All Things Hacked happened yesterday
    • Kye to schedule Alex talking about starting his business out of ATXHS.
  • Email update to members
    • Financial info (number of cancellations, current funds for covering expenses, etc.)
    • City updates, funnel to COVID group for making PPE
    • Workshop Show & Tell event