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Board Meeting


Board Members: Kye (ED), Flip (HR), Valerie (Dir Admin), Rob (Treasurer), RD (Dir Ops), Eric (Dir Fac)


Meeting Synopsis (helpful details, links, conversation tracking, minus confidential items)

Current conditions in Austin. From Rob: “Goal not to push the boundaries of the rule, but how to figure out what’s useful and safe.”

  • NEW* - State-level order for stay at home through 4/30 [1]

City of Austin [2] <-updated to an interactive map Current official case count in Austin (Travis Co): 596 cases 7 deaths (as of 4/8) Local KSAT Map [3] <-the interactive map much more informative now! Johns Hopkins Univ Dashboard: [4] Covidly: [5] US is still in exponential growth stage with the majority of cases active

Financial update Current bank balance (Amplify): $48,000. This doesn’t include Tormach debt, tax payments. Rent is paid-$9,800. Rob does not feel it’s safe to share login info for acct with others, may be able to create read-only accts #TODO Rob will call Amplify. #TODO: Kye will call Pioneer Bank to see if their process might work better

One member would like to be billed full price for a year. Let’s discuss this option with members. Look at membership rates for 1 yr, 6 months, etc.

HVAC contract: Kye has appt to talk to MTech in the morning. They should offer contract, but have to figure out if they will work with our weird setup. Registered agent: Registered agent yearly bill was previously paid for by Kye, Kye will pay with Hackerspace credit card. Lawyer’s bill — verify Paula P has been paid, do we have outstanding requests for her that we should follow up on now that she is paid? C-share member requesting buyout - still not responded Valerie’s Report. There is a Google Spreadsheet of member cancellations. We are currently covering our bills. April paid invoices: $15,584. Monthly bills: ~$14,000 Current count of cancellations: Total Cancellations: 63 Interest to Rejoin: 41 There are also some really nice notes from members appreciating what we are doing and the ATXHS community. Current count of lost monthly membership: $4,585. Current donors: 14. Total funds: $1245. Invoices paid: $570.

Member updates. One car left in the parking lot. Member is living at a hotel, can move his vehicle, but has not yet. Board members will reach out.

SBA Loan SBA Loan (small business loan/stimulus) -- could Marie help us with this? We also got an email from our CPA about this. Links: Info [6] [7] Fact Sheet [8] We’re not eligible for PPP (it has already run out), which covers payroll. The other one has a criteria about how much you’re making now vs before. $10,000 with a low interest rate. It could be worth doing, but each 10% owner has to sign a document and disclose personal financial information. We’re a board of managers, the initial founders who put money in are still ‘owners’ on paper though they live all over, don’t profit from the space, and most are no longer involved. Asking for financial information seems like a burden to ask of these members who put in founding money long ago. We don’t have updated contact information for all of them, one of them may be deceased. ACTION ITEM: Rob will read through SBA info and come to next meeting w summary

Discourse update, Flip and Rob will reach out to Elrod about reviving.

Mailchimp? Valerie looked into Mailchimp and it won’t start costing anything until there are 2,000 subscribers. This may be a better option for us than using atxhs-announce for member communications as it also gives us great templates for newsletters if we’re able to get to that point down the line. Team agrees to try it.

Website migration. Jon E has been doing some work on our wiki and brought up some issues in a recent email thread. It may be a good time for us to look again at what we want in terms of website changes while there is volunteer energy around it. Concerns: Focused experience for prospective members, single signup, Link rot, readability, LDAP, Freshbooks integrations, calendar integration, simplicity for class sign-ups. Integration with freshbooks [9] Other makerspace Sites: Urban Workshop [[10]] Innovation Studio [[11]] Dallas Makerspace [[12]]

COVID reopen team update - next meeting? Member survey? Team members: The Board, Zoe R, Brian B, Don D, Mollie, Billy N Mandate: Formulate ideas for safely reopening, sharing ideas, and needs. Met Thurs 3/26/20 - Kye, Valerie, Billy, Mollie, Don, Brian, Rob Mollie and Kye are working on a survey to send out to members to gauge how members use the space, how many people use the space for primary/secondary income, etc. This week, Joe’s been using the space for PPE production. Pending conversation around ‘essential services,’ we can think about what that could look like. Kye would like to open up a broader conversation in the next 10 days or so? With all interested members, but needs to be organized. Be able to answer questions, answer where we fit in definition of essential business. COVID response team/GoFundMe update - Helping the medical communities Team members 3D printing (face shields): Phil P (lead), Jason H (lead), Joe N, Daniel T, Steven P, Joe P, Bill T, James M, Jon I (former ATXHS), Alex B (former ATXHS in Houston) - producing faceshields w PET to share. Kye doing support. Joe, Jason have friends in NYC, NJ who need face shields now and would like to send first shipment there. Sewn masks: Zoe R (lead), Jennifer C, Russell S, James M. Kye has materials for 48 cloth n95 covers to share with CovidRangers group, somebody there can finish. Still need backing, elastic, sewing. James cut out 200 mask covers on the laser on Sunday and is distributing 150 in San Antonio.

GoFundMe page: [13] current: $4,280 We need to update on reimbursing contributors their costs. What is our process? What platform are we using? Who is responsible for getting money issued/verifying total needed to reimburse. Open Collective would be viewable by all, so there’s transparency. Would be simple Treasurer approval workflow. Joe update - Alex is starting run of 1,000 sheilds. We’re running out of materials to source but could source from China. Could have 400 face shields ready to go by Sunday. Flip donating 4 rolls of filament. Others can share 3-d printers, where should we deploy them? At the space or in people's homes? Kye rec'd request from Stephen, sheriff’s Dept, for 30 shields.

Are we an Essential business? Looked at definition of essential business: We are doing production and manufacturing that supports the medical community. If we are clear that we fit into these parameters (we do) then we do not need to fill out the form online. What parameters do we have for ourselves to be accountable about our exposure and transparency about safety and symptoms? Joe is 3-d printing shields and teaching out of ATXHS (Teacher travel ok) Would it make sense to partition the space? Joe: No I don’t think so Kye: Can we allow members to work on things that are not PPE? Per suggestions from Eric and Rob, we table this discussion to focus on PPE, this is the piece that is ‘essential’ and that is what allows us to be open at all. Joe, Eric would feel comfortable with 3 at a time working on PPE — one in the shop, one in sewing area, one is laser/3D printer area (single Person has key and is responsible for letting people in and ensuring locked up after.(Joe for now)

    • BOARD VOTE: Have max 3 people in the space working on PPE (only) as described in Eric’s previous comment, and send out info to Covid@ email group, in addition to mentioning in email list. In favor - Kye, Val, Eric, Rob, RD; Absent - Flip, Drew

Engaging ATXHS Community from Home - Zoom gatherings, dates? Kye: We don’t have dates for maker biz interviews yet, I’ve emailed Alex, Matt M. Eric - walk through of shop and talk about having a maker business Rob - History of the space and travels in maker land, Hacker CrackDown book Saturday, Sunday afternoon -- workshop show-and-tell, members share their workshops Tuesday 7:30pm April 14th

Kye could interview Alex and Colin who started businesses out of ATXHS, panel discussion of what it’s like to start a business. Joe N, Flip K. Stephen L, Steven N prolific hobbyists. Zoe suggests sewing machine fixing clinic - virtual? In person? - Board agrees cannot offer in person at this time

Email update to members, financial info (number of cancellations, current funds for covering expenses, etc.) Rob: we should let everyone know about change in space use for PPE making, establishes that there will be rules for access to the space. Sign up on Google Doc if you are interested in working on PPE at the space First event All Things Hacked - Hackerspace history, makerspace travels, and Hacker CrackDown book review