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Board Meeting


Board Members: Kye (ED), Flip (HR), Valerie (Dir Admin), Rob (Treasurer), RD (Dir Ops), Eric (Dir Fac), Drew (Dir Edu)

ATXHS Members: Joe (just for "COVID response team update - Helping the medical communities" and "GoFundMe for materials/parts for COVID response team")

Community Members: Rachel Lam (just for "COVID response team update - Helping the medical communities" and "GoFundMe for materials/parts for COVID response team")


  • Current conditions in Austin
    • April 1: 305 cases, 3 deaths in Austin.
    • US is still in exponential growth with the majority of cases active.
  • Financial update
    • Current bank balance: ~$41,000 (still owe rent and Freshbooks deposits will take a few days)
    • Rob hasn't been able to get the rent check out - problems with the bill pay system being down. Need to check on taxes and follow up on some other items.
    • Outstanding bills: Paula (lawyer) $950 - Rob says Paula's check should arrive in a couple days
    • Valerie's report: ~$14,700 in paid member invoices for April so far (some people are not on autopay and will have to login to pay), puts us currently slightly above at even for the month. 48 cancellations (31 interested in rejoining), $3,530 lost in member dues. 9 donations totaling $795.
  • SBA Loan - could this apply to us?
    • Loans are intended to be given and forgiven in full if 75% is used for payroll (not required to receive).
    • Flip: We should absolutely do it
    • Rob: I’m hesitant. Let’s find out as much as we can, prefill out what we can
    • RD: Let’s know the process and find out more
    • Flip will attend a webinar to learn more and report back.
  • Landlord matters
    • Vehicles left on site and landlord has stated they will be towed if not removed. Appropriate members contacted.
    • HVAC contract is a requirement in our lease that we don't currently have in place. Kye will work on contacting some companies.
  • Discourse update
    • Flip and Rob have not had a chance to reach out to Elrod about reviving it yet.
  • COVID reopen team update
    • Had a meeting Thurs 3/26/20 w/ Kye, Valerie, Billie, Mollie, Don, Brian, Rob
    • Mollie and Kye are working on a survey to send out to members to gauge how members use the space, how many people use the space for primary/secondary income, etc.
  • COVID response team update - Helping the medical communities
    • Joe is working with anyone who has a 3D printer at home to make face shields and sew masks
    • Former member in Houston has a laser at home for lasering the shield part. We have 3 laser guys.
    • Drew sent out request for gowns: James Manley made (5-2xl)
    • Billy requested vent splitters/vents if possible, David D and Jon Imeson (former member, kicked out) interested in working on this, Jason Harmon printed vent splitters, Joe could also help with machining needed parts for MIT vent design at ATXHS.
    • If we are using the 3D printers at the space, we should designate one person to go there and do the printing on site.
    • Drew: (In regards to operating only for making PPE) 1 person at a time, if you have a direct request from a medical authority I can ask the powers that be and they can give that guidance. Put it together, give it to me, and I will go ask and see. I would imagine if it’s just one person, I can’t imagine it being an issue.
    • Joe: I could be that person. I know how to run the printers and need a quiet space to do distance learning. 4 hrs 2 min to print 2 on a PolyPrinter.
    • Drew: No needs right now. Gowns are great! We’re seeing explosions in the university age group right now because of that Cabo trip.
  • GoFundMe for materials/parts for COVID response team
    • Rachel Lam who Joe connected us with yesterday, she has experiencing fundraising and is working on a GoFundMe in the ATXHS COVID response group on Facebook to help pay for materials for that effort.
    • Create an email alias ( for Rachel, Joe, and the board to manage the GoFundMe through.
    • Joe knows a friend in NYC who needs face shields now and would like to make first shipment there.
    • Flip: There may be a tax consequence from this
    • Rob: That should be fine as long as it is coming in and going out (i.e. we are just a pass through)
    • Kye: Do we want a separate account to keep it separate
    • Rob: We actually have a separate checking account for crowdfunding with ~$150 in it. We can use that.
    • Flip: We can invite people to Slack channel
    • BOARD VOTE: Do GoFundMe with Rachel Lam at public-facing head with Joe proposing dispersion of funds and board voting approval, email fund reimbursement to {In favor: Kye, Valerie, Flip, Eric, RD, Rob; Absent: Drew}
  • Re-establish our parameters for space during closure
    • Currently only exceptions for work done to aid medical communities - writing this up with Joe as the sole operator
  • How to keep the community engaged
    • Rob history of the space and travels in maker land, Hacker Crack Down book
    • Kye set up events with key current or former members who created a business out of ATXHS.
  • Email update to members
    • Financial update (including number of cancellations, current funds, expenses, etc.)
    • Mention that landlord has made clear we will not get a pass on rent