Meeting Notes/20200325

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Board Meeting


Board Members: Kye (ED), Flip (HR), Valerie (Dir Admin), Rob (Treasurer), Eric (Dir Fac)


  • Reassess current decision and actions broader community is taking/calling for
    • Important quote to keep in mind from Rob, “Goal not to push the boundaries of the rule, but how to figure out what’s useful and safe.”
    • March 25: 974 cases in Texas, 12 deaths. 119 cases in Travis County.
    • Shelter-in-place order - requires citizens stay at home unless out for essential activities. Official reference: here.
    • Concrete milestones for when to reopen:
    • 1) Shelter-in-place being lifted
    • 2) Drew and Billy saying that there’s a case for changing the decision (decision being completely closed)
    • 3) Mayor relaxing the 10 people gathering order
  • Making exceptions for members
    • Are there conditions in which we would allow a member into the space to use equipment? What are those conditions and what would that access look like?
    • Right now with orders in place, this does not seem legally feasible.
  • Decrease COVID board meetings to once a week
    • Now that there is a shelter-in-place in effect and there is not as much immediate need to discuss matter, can we move to once a week meetings? (Previously had been meeting twice a week). Agreed to shift to weekly on Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30p or longer as needed.
  • COVID response team update - Helping the medical communities
    • Seem to be operating primarily on Facebook and directly with each other. Think it would be good to identify a confirmed point person in each group that can report to us if they have confirmed with medical facilities willing to accept their donations at which point we can step in to assist in any way needed (supplies, machinery, etc.).
  • COVID reopen team update - Formulating ideas for safely reopening
    • First meeting scheduled for tomorrow at 5:30pm
  • Quick reddit/discourse update
    • Nothing new
    • Discourse is what Dallas Makerspace uses for their forum
    • Flip: Elrod put a lot of effort into LDAP system, but I would like to just stand it up host it externally. That anyone could come up and use with locked down for permissions for guests. The instructions he sent out were a little complicated, took like 20 minutes.
    • Rob: Can we use what Elrod started and make adjustments? We won’t get all the control we want without Elrod’s version.
    • Kye: Is this the right time for this?
    • Rob: 1) we’re adding another system to our many systems that’s not integrated. 2) Discourse administration is not easy.
    • Rob and Flip will reach out to Elrod
    • Needs to be simple
  • Quick financial update
    • Member refunds requested have been issued, nothing else new.
    • Valerie's report: ~$19,000 in paid member invoices for March, puts us $5,000 ahead for the month. 27 cancellations (20 interested in rejoining), $1,955 lost in member dues. 8 donations totaling $720.
    • Valerie: We've gotten some really nice notes from members appreciating what we are doing and the ATXHS community.
  • Email update to members - nothing new, not needed at this time.