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Board Meeting


Board Members: Kye (ED), Flip (HR), Valerie (Dir Admin), Rob (Treasurer), RD (Dir Ops), Eric (Dir Fac), Drew (Dir Edu)


  • Reassess current decision and actions broader community is taking/calling for
    • March 22: 325 cases in Texas, 5 deaths. 79 cases in Travis County
    • Covidly
    • Uses additional data sources including John Hopkins data and others (see about page for details)
    • First 20 days graph shows concerning trend for US
    • Flip: We have to use Concrete milestones in making our decisions around this. Medical experts saying they have confidence in the carrier rate in general population. (Rob and RD - that is too vague).
    • Rob: We shouldn’t be offloading our job to medical professionals, they will say we should stay closed due to malpractice.
    • Kye: Are we looking for cases leveling off? Are we looking for medical facilities not being overwhelmed? Are we looking to get over the hump?
    • Rob: One easy thing to reference is when they lift the 10 person gathering order. What I suggest is that we formalize that 5 people can be in the space at a time, must clean before you leave. Includes people needing to come by the space to get stuff. Gives us breathing room to not fully open.
    • RD: 3 things have come up in my mind,
    • 1) we be very conservative until we see a peak (wait 3-5 days after peak, be careful not to create re-peak),
    • 2) we don’t have a clear perception of how much our healthcare system can handle, until we know that I think it’s irresponsible to take that risk,
    • 3) the more people get infected, the more opportunities people have to get spin off infections. I don’t think we have a clear picture yet of what the risks truly are.
    • True understanding of the number of people infected - confidence in the number of cases
    • Mayor relaxing the 10 people gathering order
    • 1st stage: Opening the space to people whose livelihood depends on ATXHS
    • 2nd stage: Scheduling, open this up to the community. How do we want to do this?
    • Giving members clarity: We would evaluate when we knew something NEW about the situation. Concrete demand for specific technology from a response team. Obviously we’ll respond to that. Need confirmation that we’re on the down-swing and/or confirmation our specific capabilities are required.
    • Drew: Austin is about to lockdown, protect in place - no going out unless going to vital resources (hospital, grocery, pharmacy, etc.) can be fined (unclear on whether it will be fines directed to individuals or businesses).
    • Drew: I have a direct line to the medical facilities that would need it (PPE), but I don’t know how we could test or meet standards. I will DEFINITELY let y’all know when we’re running out. I just don’t know that they will be able to accept anything homemade. Face shields - that’s great on top of over PPE. Unless you are doing a procedure that kicks out a lot of particles, we’ve gone to a view from the door.
    • Drew: Lending out tools (to members) if it got real bad. If we get a viable option for making stuff, I will take it to the appropriate individuals.
  • COVID response team update - Helping the medical communities
    • Two teams have formed - 1) 3D printing face shields and 2) sewing masks
    • Create Google Group with disclaimer stating it isn’t an endorsement from ATXHS
    • Create canned response to direct conversations there
    • Flip: If we manufacture, I want to make sure whatever we produce is not contaminated. I would want our process written up and signed off on. There is either going to be a significant - at some point the community is going to be overwhelmed - need that will come at some point. Industry may ramp up, Trump pulled the trigger on commandeering factories. If we want to be prepared to help in an absolute crisis need, we should be patient and work on the manufacturing process to take into consideration needs to be effective. I think it would be wrong to exhaust our materials now, that could be used in a more dire situation.
    • RD: I think our focus would be better served by focusing on non-medical industries that are having to be out in public right now (Grubhub, grocery stores, etc.)
    • Rob: Another area we could focus people’s excitement on - items intended for hospitals, make your own house more sanitary. e.g. Foot door handle:
  • COVID reopen team update - Formulating ideas for safely reopening
    • Create email group for members on COVID advisory group
    • Mandate: Formulate ideas for safely reopening, sharing ideas, and needs. They do not determine what we do. They are a think tank, not an authority.
    • This may not be a discussion that will be for any immediate future given Drew’s inside knowledge that Austin is ready to pull the trigger on lockdown if the case count continues to bloom like LA.
    • Kye has email drafted to reach out to those folks about setting up a meeting time
  • Quick reddit/discourse update
    • No updates from Richard, Flip was busy with other stuff and wasn’t able to get a hold of him when he was free to contact him.
  • Quick financial update
    • Current bank balance: ~$43,000
    • Outstanding bills: Paula (lawyer) $950 - Rob says he sent a partial payment that seems to have had some issue, requested member refunds (Valerie provided to Rob in member cancellation spreadsheet - only 3 requested, still needs to be done)
    • Quickbooks has been reconciled and sent to CPA.
    • Taxes sent
    • Valerie's report: ~$19,000 in paid member invoices for March, puts us $5,000 ahead for the month. 19 cancellations (12 interested in rejoining), $1,390 lost in member dues. 7 donations totaling $685.
  • How to keep the community engaged
    • Virtual M/T/L Tuesday at 7:30p
    • Entertainment thread in atxhs-members
  • Email update to members
    • Update on reopen plans
    • We are not planning to reopen on the 27th. We will continually re-evaluate and communicate .
    • Right now the trajectory nationwide has been towards tighter and tighter controls around gatherings.
    • Update on finances - including amount of donations and 3D printer acquired
    • VIRTUAL MAKE-TEACH-LEARN Tuesday 7:30p
    • An ATXHS web-based advisory group is forming to think through what it looks like to re-open, with precautions, when it is responsible to re-open. Emails are going out to members who have already sent in thoughtful ideas and plans. This is a situation that affects people differently based on health, how we make our livelihood, and how resilient our sources of income are. Solutions we work on will prioritize maintaining some level of social distancing, and getting people back into the shop who create to survive.

SLACK 3/19/20

    • BOARD VOTE: APPROVED - Vote to buy Dustin's 3D printer with accessories as outlined for $500: {In favor: Kye, Valerie, Eric, RD, Flip, Rob; Opposed: None; Absent: Drew}