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Board Meeting


Board Members: Kye (ED), Flip (HR), Valerie (Dir Admin), Rob (Treasurer), RD (Dir Ops), Eric (Dir Fac)


  • Reassess current decision and discuss any suggestions for modifications
    • CoA has declared no gatherings over 10 people and $1,000 fines for those who violate this declaration (while specifying that grocery stores and pharmacies will not count, indicating this will apply to businesses).
    • CoA states, “While Austin-Travis County DOES NOT have confirmation that we are in Phase 5 due to community spread, we should act as if we have knowledge that we are in Phase 5.”
    • March 19: 260 cases in Texas, 5 deaths. 41 cases in Austin.
    • Rob: Goal not to push the boundaries of the rule, but how to figure out what’s useful and safe.
    • Discussed possibility of sign in/out at the door with only 9 slots allowed to keep under 10 gathering.
    • Discussion of current testing and whether it's substantial enough to truly understand the situation as well as what metrics ought to be considered when making decisions.
    • Drew via text regarding whether we could provide PPE for Austin responders: I don't think so at the current status. Things would have to get much worse. We have a large supply of testing supplies. The bottleneck is the labs' ability to test the samples already taken."
  • Quick reddit/discourse update
    • Flip reached out to Richard to ask him to remove the reddit and work with us to help finish the Discourse setup. Waiting for response.
  • Financial update
    • Current bank balance: ~$43,000
    • Outstanding bills: Paula (lawyer ($950), requested member refunds (Valerie provided to Rob in member cancellation spreadsheet)
    • Rob said he would get to these outstanding bills this week
    • Valerie's report: ~$19,000 in paid member invoices for March, puts us $5,000 ahead for the month. 13 cancellations (9 interested in rejoining), $940 lost in member dues.
    • Valerie setting up Google Form to make it easier for members to indicate the would like to assist and offer values to choose from ($35 member reducing, $75 one member pausing, $150 two members pausing, or custom amount)
  • Discuss feedback from members on the current stance
    • Received thoughtful emails with ideas from a handful of members
    • Discussed respirators, concluded that if nobody is asking for them, then this is a person project.
    • Rob mentioned other devices he thought would be more helpful to the general public or businesses at this time such as things that clip onto faucets so you can operate with your elbows or door-opening device where you don’t use hands. Items that no one could potentially die from. Valerie agreed.
  • How to keep the community engaged
    • Projects to help the medical community (email thread in atxhs-members about making ventilator valves, sewing masks, etc.)
    • Flip can moderate and take member input, but it needs to be a member driven force where the members are doing the work of reaching out to medical facilities and getting verification from them of needs and release of liability
    • Considerations with this:
    • Are medical facilities equipped to handle this sort of donation?
    • How can we ensure it’s safe or effective?
    • What legal implications could we face?
    • Could we engage membership to help create a new website (since a lot of members have downtime now?)
    • Valerie: There's a lot of base level work that needs to be done before we're ready to build something. I've been busier than normal and I don't think I could work on managing that project.
  • Buying the 3-d printer off Dustin
    • We can return to this once we get more info on it.
  • Resources to share with members
  • Email update to members
    • "We’re wanting to keep reaching out to you, we’re also kicking in a lot more hours right now navigating next steps and doing our best to support and respond to members who are having a hard time with the closure and trying to figure out how we can work together as a group… Please have patience with us and with the process of figuring out a brand new thing. We see our role as helping to coordinate efforts and needs, while also wanting our community to grow and explore this new ground together."
    • Would like to include resources list and ideas we come up with to maintain community engagement
    • Transparency about financial assessment
    • Share that full financial report will be completed and shared by Treasurer with membership by mid-April if not sooner
    • Share how many people have cancelled and how many are donating
    • Google Form for donations
    • VIRTUAL MAKE-TEACH-LEARN Tuesday at 7:30p - Valerie posting on homepage
    • Live stuff happening on Youtube
    • Free Yoga:
    • SXSW releasing movies that would have been shown to stream!
    • Shutter - horror movies
    • An ATXHS web-based advisory group is forming to think through what it looks like to re-open, with precautions, when it is responsible to re-open. Emails are going out to members who have already sent in thoughtful ideas and plans. This is a situation that affects people differently based on health, how we make our livelihood, and how resilient our sources of income are. Solutions we work on will prioritize maintaining some level of social distancing, and getting people back into the shop who create to survive.
  • Ongoing projects during closure
    • A member has stepped up who is passionate about helping inventory and document all the tools at the space and create better references in wiki (see email thread in board-private)