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Board Meeting


Board Members: Kye (ED), Flip (HR), Valerie (Dir Admin), Rob (Treasurer), Drew (Dir Edu), RD (Dir Ops), Eric (Dir Fac)


  • Recap on the current decision made and the evidence that lead to that decision
    • Friday’s emergency board meeting included Billie who has been working closely with us on a new business plan and is an anesthesiologist deeply connected to the COVID-19 situation being in the medical profession. It hurts that we have people who depend on ATXHS for their business. Strong consensus from medical community and city that closing sooner rather than later will be more impactful in making a difference in the spread.
  • Discuss feedback from members on the current stance
    • Both positive and negative feedback has been received. Currently, we have received far more positive feedback than negative. Many members have reached out in need of assistance while also expressing understanding/gratitude for actions.
    • If people cancel, do they automatically get half a month’s refund or is that added admin we need to do? - Members will need to request a refund, then Rob can issue from the bank if it's already outside the window to do so in Freshbooks.
    • What is the admin burden of people stopping and starting memberships? - Not that big a deal, we can handle it.
    • # members who have closed accounts? - Less than 5
  • Financial update
    • Currently ~$43,000 in the bank with March bills paid, monthly bills ~$14,000
    • A few bills outstanding including latest bill from Paula (lawyer)
    • Valerie started spreadsheet to track losses in members/membership dues during closure
  • Consideration for alternative approaches to closure
    • Eric: Board members able and willing complete business vital projects for members?
    • Kye/Brian: Close only the lounge/kitchen and attempt to enforce limited member usage (x# of people) and hygiene practices?
    • Eric & Rob discussed the limited availability of tests and reddit threads where people teach each other how to answer the questions right in order to get tested.
    • RD discussed that he has been sick and touched many things in the space. It's possible he could have contaminated everything and we just don't have a way of knowing these answers with limited testing. We have to grasp exponential numbers and the impact on lives.
    • Flip: We have to balance fiduciary duty to keep ATXHS afloat, responsibility to members, and balance too against larger social concerns. It may not have a big business impact on us but could have a bit health impact.
    • Whiteboard - logging when you’re in and out?
    • Thermometers at entrance if we can find them? Single-use or Rob’s?
    • Cancelling classes/meet-ups/meetings?
    • Increased calendar usage for as many machines as feasible, eliminate guests -- “individual use only” mode. But also wanting people to be safe and not on their own in the shop.
    • Compliance question - who would ignore? Would it be possible for us to open with strict parameters to ensure safety and have members comply?
    • Who is being hurt very badly by this closure? (Financially, socially)
    • Drew: We should absolutely stay closed, no exceptions
  • BOARD VOTE: Stay closed until Wednesday and continue to reassess: In favor - Valerie, RD, Drew, Eric, Flip, Kye ; Opposed - Rob