Meeting Notes/20200311

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Board Meeting


Board Members: Kye (ED), Flip (HR), Valerie (Dir Admin), Drew (Dir Edu) by phone, RD (Dir Ops) by phone

ATXHS Members: Derek



  • COVID-19 Email to members - Kye - 20 min
    • Will ask Drew to review what we have written and approve content with expectation that we will send something out Friday.
  • Prophase proposed COVID-19 seminar - All - 5 min
    • Flip: The questions posed in the description seem leading towards a path of misinformation. Any questions posed must include actual verifiable answers.
    • BOARD VOTE: Host COVID seminar as proposed by Prophase? In favor - none; Opposed - Valerie, Flip, RD, Drew, Kye; Absent - Rob, Eric
  • Process for scheduling events in the classroom - RD - 5 min
    • Email the board with a proposal, including frequency; link to the group; description of the nature of the group.
    • All visitors must sign the waiver and follow code of conduct
    • Groups are not currently required to pay, but that can change in the future with one month’s notice
  • New Email List for Business Inquiries - Valerie - 10 min
    • A member brought this up and has helped develop the parameters around how this will work. Process approved and will begin setting up. Communication will be sent out to members once it's ready to go.
  • SxSW Member Proposal - Kye - 10 min
    • Another member brought up offering assistance to those affected by SxSW cancellation. Kye has also witnessed members at the space affected by this. Flip proposed offering levels of assistance. Valerie said she could handle it procedurally if people want to do it.
    • BOARD NOTE: Vote to approve first querying members for need, then sending to members request to assist: In favor - Kye, Flip, RD, Valerie; Opposed - none; Absent - Rob, Drew, Eric
  • Starving Hacker Rate - Kye 10 min
    • Should we re-evaluate the starving hacker rate and grandfathered rates?
    • Discussion tabled for the moment, but needs to be addressed down the line.
  • Approve water filtration Amazon order - Eric - 1 min
  • HVAC requirements in lease - Kye - 5 min
    • Our landlord has contacted us about this and says we are not in compliance with our lease. Kye has been working on this and is following.
    • Paula (lawyer) needs to write an affidavit that we don’t have any employees or cars in order to get us out of this part of the requirement.
  • Who to Contact page - Valerie - 10 min
    • Reviewed the page edits proposed and discussed changes.
  • Robot Group storage needs - Derek - 5 min
    • Directed Derek to storage request form and Eric for approval. The board is in support of the Robot Group storage, we just need to have the documentation in place.