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Board Meeting


Board Members: Kye (ED), Flip (HR), Valerie (Dir Admin), RD (Dir Ops), Eric (Dir Fac)

ATXHS Members: Elrod, Max, Danny, Alex (Prophase member), Walter (Prophase VP), Derek, Cameron



  • Prophase Discussion
    • Walter (Prophase VP) was present to represent Prophase and answer questions/concerns. We discussed the history of Prophase:
    • Jason Avent, Mike Kiamanesh, and Machiavelli Davis started Prophase maybe 4-5 years ago with the idea of it being a community bio lab where amateurs, hobbyists, people who are home-schooling, people who want to do simplistic, biological processes could have some set-up to work on projects. A space where you could safely conduct experiments -- “citizen science”. One early experiment included brewing kombucha.
    • Last year, Prophase's board changed which created some shifts in the organization. Some of their current board members are overseas.
    • We discussed concerns over Prophase's current website that was updated enough to include ATXHS's address, however made no mention at all of ATXHS or the requirement of a membership with ATXHS.
    • Prophase's member count fluctuates and includes passive members who pay, but are not actively in the space. ATXHS requested a full list of Prophase members to be provided ASAP for membership audits. A few Prophase members mentioned in the meeting where not found to be paying members in the Freshbooks system.
    • During the meeting, we outlined numerous items for Prophase to compile information on and bring back in the form of a formal document outlining our relationship and commitment to one another. These are some of the action items we requested Prophase outline in this document:
    • Complete member list with legal names, any known aliases, and preferably also email addresses (to be returned ASAP).
    • Short script we can use on member tours to tell others about the space (to be returned ASAP).
    • How does the mission of Prophase match up with ATXHS?
    • >Note our mission: "ATX Hackerspace is dedicated to encouraging and promoting technical, scientific, and artistic skills through projects, collaboration, and education."
    • What are the expectations for your members in relation to ATXHS? Who all is paying for membership and who is coming as a non-member (i.e. guest)?
    • >Note that our guest policy strictly prohibits the use of ATXHS equipment, so anyone Prophase brings to the space who is not a member should not be using any equipment.
    • Information about day-to-day operations in Prophase, who is the point of contact (contact info included) should issues in the space arise? How is ATXHS able to check-in on the space and confirm the area is being taken care of?
    • What commitments will be made to contribute back and engage with the ATXHS community?
    • >This may be best presented in a tiered fashion to show short- and long-term goals - what contributions will be made in the immediate term (0-6 months) and in further into the future (6+ months).
    • >Items we would like to see here: volunteer contributions (suggestion - offering up skills in organization to help get our operational infrastructure in shape), regularly teaching classes (other groups with similar space agreements are offering multiple classes a month, we would like to see one at minimum).
    • Requested from an ATXHS member: Written and approved clarity on what Hackerspace members gain from Prophase being at the Hackerspace.
    • >This bullet point will likely be addressed throughout the document, but should be kept it in mind as it is being written.

Prophase has committed to compiling this information to have ready to present to the ATXHS membership at large at our Make Teach Learn Member Meeting on March 18th, 2020 at 7:30pm. Please plan to attend if you are interested in hearing directly from Prophase on this as well as getting a firsthand walk through the Prophase space and learning about how to get involved in what they do.

  • Budgets for shop areas (e.g. shoemaking space)
    • We will discuss more at another meeting. The workshop as a whole has a $500 budget.
  • Proposal to change membership dues
    • We will look at this in more depth as we continue working with ASMBLY to come up with a solid business plan for the future.
  • ASMBLY meeting 2/23 at 4pm
    • Kye has a meeting setup to further discuss the details of Billy's business plan for ATXHS to promote growth and sustainability. Once we have flushed out this business plan, we will share with members for further feedback and discussion.
  • Schedule Board Work Day
    • We will dedicate our next board meeting to being a "board work day" and break into 2-3 small groups. One group (2-3 board members) will be dedicated to the membership audit. Another group will work on creating a complete inventory of tools/equipment stored or hosted at ATXHS in the form of a Google Sheet, including info about the tool, who owns it, contact info for that individual, and a system setup for monthly updates when appropriate.
  • Process for amending/adding to policies in member handbook
    • Agreed that content changes will be approved and voted on by the board and Valerie will maintain sole ownership of making edits to the Google Doc to maintain consistency in presentation.