Meeting Notes/20200122

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Board Meeting


Board Members: Kye (ED), Flip (HR), Valerie (Dir Admin), Rob (Treasurer), Drew (Dir Edu), Eric (Dir Fac)

ATXHS Members: Danny



  • Biolab/Prophase agreement
    • We need to get an understanding of our agreement and relationship with Prophase. We will invite them to our next board meeting (2/12) to discuss questions and concerns from the board and ATXHS membership.
    • Once we get confirmation that Prophase can attend, we will notify ATXHS members so that they can attend if they want or offer additional questions.
  • Membership audit
    • We need to do a full membership audit across platforms (Freshbooks, Google Groups, key fob system, etc.). Need to include checking B-share status in the audit.
  • Executive session on multiple HR issues & security camera coverage
    • Follow up on Slack votes Exec session
  • Follow up on animal lease items (Valerie will email members & RD to email landlord)
  • Follow up on ASMBLY meeting
    • Kye scheduling another meeting to discuss further collaboration.
    • We apparently have a listing on their website for coworker space. Kye will login and update info.
  • Dadageek and Secret Base meeting
    • They are also hackerspaces. Kye is planning to go tour to learn about what they do and will let the rest of the board know when she goes.
  • Calendar embed limitations in wiki
    • Valerie found the wiki page does not seem to support iframe HTML objects (likely using an older version of HTML) and thus has some limitations on the Google Calendary embedding options (multiple calendars on one embedded GCal is possible, but only generates iframe code). Rob said he would check on this.
  • Process/criteria for approving starving hacker rate
    • Currently, we will not require proof of need for starving hacker rate.
  • Follow up on member emails
    • Rob and Valerie reviewed member emails in need of response and Rob sent out responses.


  • Vote to have carpets cleaned as proposed in email
    • Yes: Valerie, Drew, Eric, Rob, RD; No: --; Abstain: Kye, Flip
  • Vote to upgrade to Amazon Prime Small Business
    • Yes: Valerie, Flip, Drew, Eric, Rob, Kye; No: --; Abstain: --
  • Vote to upgrade to Wyze Camera Coverage
    • Yes: Valerie, Flip, Drew, Eric, Rob, Kye; No: --; Abstain: --