Meeting Notes/20191214

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Votes on modifications to Operating Agreement.

32 members present, dialed-in, or issued votes by proxy.

  • Elect the board:
    • Kye Flannery for Executive Director PASSED
    • Eric Peterson for Director of Facilities PASSED
    • Philip (Flip) Kromer for Director of Human Resources PASSED
    • Valerie Grace for Director of Administration PASSED
    • Drew Montgomery for Director of Education PASSED
    • R. D. Childers for Director of Operations PASSED
    • Robert Ristroph for Treasurer PASSED
  • Modify 4.7(f) — Reduce the quorum requirement from forty percent (40%) to thirty percent (30%) PASSED
  • Modify 4.7(i) — Make clear that we can use Helios (the secure online voting software) to approve member actions PASSED
  • Modify 3.5(a) — Make clear that board elections may be held using extended online voting (as we have been doing), and not just at an annual meeting PASSED
  • Modify 4.7(h) — Clear up an ambiguous clause regarding Proxy Voting PASSED
  • Remove 3.1(b) — allowing the board to make efficient spending decisions PASSED
  • Approve board expenditures PASSED
  • Modify 3.3 — allow the board to approve transactions with users, members and directors PASSED
  • Modify 4.7(e) — Reduce the minimum number of member meetings PASSED
  • Modify 4.7(c) and 4.7(d) — empower voting members to force a member meeting without requiring board support PASSED
  • Modify 3.6(e) — Allow recurring meetings and clarify notice requirements PASSED
  • Modify 4.11 — Allow the board to remove a member for any or no reason PASSED