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ATXHS Member Meeting - 1/16/19

In honor of the govt shutdown… if you had 2-3 weeks to yourself to work on any project, what would you work on?

Wolf - car and boat projects enough for a year.

Mert - would clean out closets and then grab my pinhole camera equipment, get on a bus and take pictures of interesting things in the city

Max - would work on his photography

Elrod - I’m working, because VA is “essential staff”

Dan - bus stuff that I have the materials for but no time

Danny -

David - gardening, some coding for fun instead of for work

Flip - Lasering and get Etsy business up and running

Eric - Trans Am, Knight Rider style. Tons of little things to do.

Kye - Giant canvas at home, I have some ideas, I need to spend some time on it. Lasering of art

Rob - Hackerspace projects I’d like to work on

Member Meeting:

Report from Storage/Workshop Team -- Signs up, Shop Gurus/Trustees/Shop Stewards.

Proposal that is coming - Lasers - Flip

Big Board near the Laser Cutter, clarifying

That’s 6-dollar sheet from Lowe’s. It’s white board on one side, chalk board on the other.

Flip: Yay, the signs are up. Practical impact: New Storage policy is now in place. It’s only work this if we start being dicks and implementing it.

Eric: We need to send out an announcement to let people know.

Kye: I can also call together the Enforcement Group to talk to you guys to make sure that we have

Max: I’m thinking about when the tickets run out.

Flip: The file is on the computer, on the public drive. For WOrkshop

Kye: Can you send this to us so it’s also on the Board’s Google Drive?

Flip: Yes


Max: We should also make this part of orientation.

Dan: We can put a slide in.


Eric: We’d also like to get rid of some of that scaffolding, it’s in the way. We’ll just meet on orientation night and show people how it goes.

Flip: Also like to start Workshop Gurus group, ppl around the shop all the time with decades of experience who are super-volunteers already, going forward I think we should formalize some privileges that are already being enjoyed or deserve to be enjoyed for a guru -- rent tool storage here, with money or by being super-volunteers -- putting names of people up on the wall maybe even with a picture, so people know that they can be asked and should be asked questions. A, just making sure that people know they are invited/encouraged to be asked for help. B, people are empowered to talk about unsafe practices and to enforce storage policy violations. C, we will set up a locked cabinet -- some fancier tools, like master set of letter metric fractional … lathe tools.. Left-handed tin snips… whatever.

Danny: High potential for misuse.

Flip: Yes. Given that you have to go get it from the cabinet it’ll make you more

Shop Gurus doing daily, periodic audits of the materials. Small drill bits which break. Tape by the 20, so that people can depend on finding tape. Do people have thoughts on this? Does this sound like a good thing? I think this is not an elected thing but an appointed thing, where people recognize the people who have achieved this, and want to award with this responsibility.

Wolf: I would point out that people ought to be willing to take on this.

Dan: Definitely voluntary.

Flip: In order for this to succeed we would like to make an outlay in order to get the full set of tools which should be in the shop, have an easy for treasurer, easy for workshop-group way to make sure that when tape runs out we can get more tape. We’d like to work to figure that out.

Eric: I don’t know what that service was.

Rob: Open Collective

Eric: Still reimbursement but much faster, right? Rob: Yes.

Flip: Good solid case for purchasing $800 worth of tools

Dan: Does that have to go to a member vote?

Rob; $200 tool committee funds.

Dan: This is primarily maintenance.

Flip: Three different categories. Complete collection. Standardize on Rigid as battery cordless tool technology. If anybody has a reaction let’s talk about htat. Three drills, three drivers, cordless charging station, etc.

Danny: But not put them all out at the same time.

Flip: Yes, let’s talk policies at another time. But just so you’re not hunting when you come here. That’s category A. We have a list. Category B is consumables, x keys, drill bits, etc. Category C is a way that we can promptly replace a tool that breaks and reorder depletable things without it being a big hassle so we always have things in stock.

Max: Tool committee

Flip: I could make this a B-share vote.

Rob: If you make a list I think you could do it in existing chunks. I think it would be confusing if it was in one proposal. Somebody will debate the 79th one.

Flip: So we could meet as the tool committee--

Rob: Yes.


Eric: And make a proposal to the Board

Rob: And I think it

Danny: THere is a $500 a month tool budget out there, we just never got it working. There was a working debit card for a little while, but it wasn’t working and we couldn’t repeat it and there was no way to access it.

Dan: This is maintenance, replacing things that are wearing out.

Danny: The old b-share vote is still in effect

Wold; And you won’t have ot purchase it all in one shot.

Kye: Tell me about the $500

Rob: It’s not $500

Danny: It could be $300. Approved tool budget.

Dan: We are looking in meeting notes, we’ll find out what it was.

Eric: Did we get Joe’s part for the Jet sander purchased.

Rob: I’ll find out.

Max: We should probably have another budget for fixing tools

Dan: THat is part of that budget already

Rob: Yes, I believe so.

Dan: Tool Acquisition April 2012. $500/month listed on website. I was unable to find record of that in meeting notes.

Rob: After that there was another attempt with $200 or $250 budget I think but it’s kind of irrelevant.

Kye: So are you allowed to spend backward funds that you haven’t spent? Mert, Dan, Rob: No, probably not.

Rob: I”m okay with us going what’s listed on the web site.

Laser Proposal preview - Flip

Flip: I don’t think this is news, people are real unhappy with the state of the lasers. I think the reference performance of Red, when it’s performing right it’ll go through ½” MDF, Blue through ¼” birch. BUt when they’re not, that’s not possible.

Danny: Yeah, the fill Evergreen did… They gave us a bulk deal and they didn’t work out the way they were supposed to. This is for offline, but we could just send off for a replacement. Those didn’t work out.

Flip: My goal is not to hammer out the plan for this. I think we should try to get 2 fully functional lasers by mid-Feb. I think we should get up-time targets for lasers in the space. (wifi drops out) We need to have a managed timeline for repairing red and blue. We need members to be able to expect that lasers are working and hit performance targets. I’ve created some reference files. Raster, Vector, then it’s working. I believe key to that is that we have not just you Danny but multiple people maintaining the lasers. If we can’t do that, get multiple functioning lasers within a monthish timeline, then we need to downsize and training a small number of people up so we’re confident that we can meet some … buy or lease commercial lasers, take us out of the business of maintaining these lasers. Thoughts?

Danny: Cleaning the lenses is the only thing that lends itself well to sourcing out. The other things, you have to really know how things work. And I’ve done it wrong before.

Flip: Then we need to get rid of lasers that only you can maintain.

Rob: I think we have plenty of people who can do what Danny does. There are just other people who have these skills. You’re underestimating people.

Danny: Alignment. THere’s not that much to adjust.

Flip: If I understand correctly, all … up-time guarantees… that lens cleaning is sufficient --

Danny: Downtime has been minimal

Flip: I”m talking about not hitting performance targets. That’s what we need to focus on. If not these lasers, then other lasers.

Danny: YOu can’t just tune it like a car and make it perform though. The source is the weak spot, the tube itself. I’ve replaced belts before but that’s once every 5 years. Training people to replace belts, which they would do once every couple of years --

Kye: I think too the point is that people are here to learn.

Eric: We’re concerned about performance.

Danny: Additional maintenance doesn’t fix that. Lens… and Blue’s lens just got toasted.

Flip: You want to be spending your time building this Monster laser.

Danny: I don’t actually spend that much time on it.

Rob: That’s obvious.

Flip: What can we do to have the maintenance schedule be smoother, and to assure people that if there is a problem, there will be a timely solution, and downtime will be minimal?

Danny: Send out 2 tubes for swaps, send out the third one to Evergreen to see if they have a better handle on what’s not working.

Flip: Can we put a task list and schedule on Trello to help us, so we are meeting our timeline and things can go faster or slower, but “here’s when you can expect the lasers to work” “here’s when it’ll be down for the greater good”

Flip: IF we’re figuring out how to get the ones healthy… I move that we set up something so that there is a small team of trusted people who can replace a lens, replace a belt, whatever procedures you consider safe, straightforward and necessary… highly advanced monkeys that you can train to do these things, so there is an increase in the knowledge of fixing lasers in the space.

Danny: There are lenses outside next to Blue, then that’s just 2 screws…

Flip: You mentioned having things set up to swap out -- besides ordering such parts as we need to get things up to their performance targets… apart from a tube that’s extremely expenside or something -- that we set frmo now on that we make it so that we don’t have to wait and we have them in stock.

Danny: One of the great things about Universal is that there’s not a lot that goes out on them.

Flip: Great, so that’ll be a short list. Honeycomb?

Rob: You’re trying to answer a question but we’re not asking you. You need to document your stuff.

Flip: Do we have a replacement belt for both of them.

Danny: I don’t think it’s warranted, it gives signs before it goes out… well, actually Blue...

Flip: I hear your recommendation, I still feel we need these parts on hand to minimize delays.

David: Woudl it be helpful to have a checklist of maintenance things that need to be done, article on the Wiki that’s there for posterity --

Flip: I’m not looking at how to do this the most economic way, or whatever, but to communicate to our members and they get one night away from their kids and they come in and this is why they pay us their money, and then the thing won’t cut. so ensuring that this is working and accessible.

Danny: Two belts we actually do need.

Flip: Good use of people;s time, communicating how seriously we’re taking the laser performance thing. That we’ve got this on Lock.

David: There are a lot of people disappointed and are drifting away

Danny: Laser sources going janky. This is the primary reason.

David: Having a protocol to restore confidence for the general membership. Some evidence that we are working on it.

Wolf: It’s almost like a PR thing -- just communicating that we’re working on it, we want to be reliable.

Danny: Okay. Yes. On a physical level I can list the things that need to be done.

Flip: List the things that a greedy person would have on hand, then you can talk us back from our list. Meet after the meeting.

FLIP AND DANNY AND DAN and anyone else who wants to be on Team Laser WILL MEET TO DISCUSS LIST OF LASER PARTS on-hand list

Kye: Do you want to send an email to do this, ask people? WHo is starting the group?

Dan: It is my official duty to form committees. I can just do it. I just did it.

Flip: Who wants to be on the laser committee? Danny, Dan, Flip

Dan: We can bring it up at the next member meeting, ask people who want to participate.

David: We can post it on the Facebook page.

Flip: Hey, potential project for you -- Do you want to work on the Facebook page?

David: Yes.


Max: Were you the first PR director? David: Yes. I had to go through 2 elections.

Flip: Do we like the Classroom food policy? Max: I am wanting to get past it -- we could get a monthly budget for a shampoo. Unless we buy a shampoo-er.

Flip: It makes board work easier.

Max: Chubacabracon Group who meets monthly could put in $50.

Flip: If and when we get someone who’s coming in for cleaning, that’s when we re-examine the question of food in

Treasurer’s Report

Transition Update - Martin Buyout, end of December. Now -- looking at new structures.

Legal Action from Howie Elder - Say what we know.

IT Update - Elrod

I got a new backpass system for authentication, simpler

Quick plug-ins for keycards. I need to finish that up.

There were plans to redo the whole cabinet, Antonio wants to help with server rack

We need a new DVR. I replaced with something that Riley pulled out of the dumpster

Danny: Is that for the security system?

Elrod: video playback is not as nice.

Dan: It doesn’t record at a resolution as high as the cameras actually are recording

Elrod: I do need to work on Access points for wifi -- keeps dropping. I need to figure that out.

Danny: If wifi was out, why was Hacketeria still on? I’ve lost Chrome cast sometimes mid-class.

Flip: THere may still be issues.

Max: We should probably see how much a projector is and probably get one for the classroom.

Elrod: I’m thinking I’ll dedicate Saturdasy to networking here, it’ll get me up in the morning.

Elrod - Rob - Dan - Martin - Antonio -

Kye: Do you need any more help?

Rob: There is a new member who volunteered to help. He suggested moving to smaller rack and putting in under the stairs: Larry Johnson

Elrod: Smaller rack better

Max: What about moving to coworking?

Flip: would need to be quieter. It’s loud.

Wolf: Could we build out a closet for it to be in?

Dan: Prophase is winding down, we could have a giant room there to use.

David: What about the bay where laser fans are now.

Elrod: IT’s terrible. Gets hot.

Dan: LEt’s clean up the rack first.

Elrod: Small issue with the coworking, ethernet ports don’t work, woudl be good to be able to go through and check them all. I’ve checked and 3 are dead.

Dan: Do we ahve a tester? Elrod: Borroed high-power tester from Joe. Most you can’t get to because of the cubes.

Max: Basically disassembling coworking.

Elrod: We have been able to take care of the people who requested it.


Wolf: So relocating the jacks would be the best way to go.

Elrod: All the drops are labeled so checking them is easy.

ORGANIZE a Day to Spruce Up Coworking -- Late February, March -- invite IT and do it that day.

Forum: Elrod: I figured out some of the problems.

Dan: We can just use open source stuff

David: Discourse is good

Employee or Cleaning Company for Bathrooms, Front Area?

Understand the Process

What’s the cost? Make a Proposal to B-Shares?

Max: Python Class coming, Teachers wanted for classes

Treasurer’s Report - Rob

I want to give a bigger report from all of last year, but I need to print out and do a couple of things first.

We have about $30k in the bank and we have so far membership is slightly up this month compared to last month, about $17k. We wrote big checks to Martin and almost $6k for Tormach stuff, but several people paid for the whole year and that often happens in January, so it balances out. Tormach took the check and we’re no longer talking to the leasing people, we’re talking to actual Tormach people. Technically I think it’s a lease with a small buyout at the end. Tormach arriving soon, but we don’t know how soon. No shipping notice yet. Shipping order has been written. Will send out a note to get people here to unload and set up.


KeyCard Audits

Rob: Paul Bonzer shows up and he’s definitely not been to the space.

Dan: There was a card that had been deactivated because it was lost. I saw one access attempt with it. NEed to work on that but not a big deal. Also audited who had access to coworking, a few folks who were former board members still had access. Removed that access. Still 15 people who have access

Kye: Also Astral is not with the space anymore, we’ve parted ways.

Dan: 245 active keycards as of this afternoon. That’s roughly the membership count. There are maybe a few folks who have a comped membership.

Danny: Have a question about emails … when someone is having an access problem and nobody’s responded I don’t know what I should do with that.

Dan: Rob and I handle those.

Rob: And we Usually CC the Board

Kye: So if there’s no response then maybe we check in with the person?

Dan: My next big project is to set up a Support email account wtih Zen Desk or something.

Elrod recommends RT.

Rob: Creates a ticket that multiple people can track and check the status.


David: Has the registered agent been changed?

Rob: In what sense?

Danny: You are not supposed to put yoruself or your business address. But that was what was on our state filings for several years. They will be changed to our attorney, which is the proper

Dan: Part of buyout agreement with Martin was that he woudl reassign that. It will be the attorney, as Danny said.. Howie knows how to reach Martin directly if he wants to do that.

Rob: Nothing’s been filed with the state since the new year. I don’t know there being a separate filing for registered agent different from listing of members of the LLC. Martin emailed the Board - we haven’t done anything with it.

Kye: He gave us a list of things that needed to happen, and that he was doing.


To Do: Examine yearly payment policy. Flip: It would be a very good deal still to pay 12 months for 10.

Dan: ONe thing: I just talked to a guy who said there is nobody moving in next door, it’s empty

Rob: HPI will say “Give us a business plan” and they will help us out to rent it.

Flip: I think we should ask the members if they’d allow us to raise membership fees, by $5 or something --

Max: Could do a member vote.

Rob: We could also do a membership drive to get us here. We would have to factor in a membership raise. It has a paint booth. It’s shit but it has the correct vent. We’d remove it because a paint booth should never have wood components… if you want to survive a fire inspection you should buy a pre-fab one that comes with a certification. But the major parts are set up already.

Dan: As excited as I would be… if we voted tomorrow, I would ote No, because I think we need to get all -- not all -- but a number of large problems with how we use this space now that would only be exascerbated by having more space. Rob: My instinct is to go for it.

Dan: SImple math, spreadsheets, figuring out what they’re offering us per square foot -- etc.

Rob: I think we should expand, and all those problems will always be there. It’s something we shoul dbe considering. A lot of ppl will feel like Dan, but saying we want to get on this -- occupancy in February, start paying in May -- they might do something like that. They’d give us some free months and then prorate that out to the rest of the life of the lease. It’s basically like a loan.

Flip: We’d need some time for buildout… There was a grace period for buildout

Rob: That’s normal for retail spaces, that’s less usual for spaces like this. But they would give you .. they would pay outrifht or match money for improvement to the space. $14,000….

Dan; THe main objections I ahve is that the space is under used right now. We have disused lasers. We have coworking that is a giant mess. We have disused lasers and messes everywhere. UNtil we can solve these problems in a satisfactory way.

Rob: I’d rather have 12,000 sq ft space with problems than 8,000 sq ft space with problems.

Dan: If we had a solid plan…