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Board Meeting Present: Rob Ristroph, Kye Flannery, Max Mason, Dan DeFillippi

Accountant’s Report - RR Laser Issues - all Window Repair Update - OB Membership update and thinking about taking over space next door. Survey to Members - KF Movie Night Update - KF

Accountant’s Report RR: Caught up on most of the other treasury stuff today, called people about late billing -- I think I just need to print out some stuff and sign it. Feel free to check in with me on the weekend, I should have it in their hands by then. Founders would be able to file their taxes. Rob cashed checks that were expired, they’ll have to re-issue a few more. Rob has Eventbrite access from Martin.

Martin and Rob cannot get into PayPal right now. Could do Expensify reimbursements through Paypal.

Team would like to do something different from eventbrite for classes. Max is going to look into options other than Eventbrite in the next 2 weeks. We could do a Square on-site for people to pay for classes. 10-20% of people would pay cash on the spot, if we made all classes multiples of ten or twenty. RR: A roll-safe could work.

What is the cut that Hackerspace takes? 50 to HS, 50 to teacher. Teacher makes at least $35. Policy does enable Max to set exceptions in order to make a class work, for instance if materials are involved. Board can approve. Rob Williams left as Dir Ed because of this issue.

If electronically RR has a memo to pay a teacher. When there is a transaction in Quicken this will have to be categorized for next year’s taxes, it can be very time-intensive.

RR: Open Collective might have some promise in solving some of our financial bird’s nest. Input-Output bank account. Can set up project subaccounts, like buying a particular tool -- people can donate money to an account and you can submit an expense to a subaccount. Could help. It is open-source. Having continuity as the board changed for something like that would be really important.

Board cuts checks to teachers, Martin used to do this in the past.

Laser Issues RR: We should replace the honeycomb for sure. Olecks B (ED) arrives. DD: There have been a lot of maintenance problems with Red, and it’s inconveniencing and causing problems for our members. PEople are kind of losing faith in it I feel. RR: Can we put a sign about not hitting the cone? DD: In the past week, it’s been down almost every day for some period of time. KF: People drive an hour to get here sometimes. DD: I’t snot fair to Danny, either. He shouldn’t have to be working on it every night of the week. Alex: It takes $4k to build 4x4 laser cutter. Lasersore, but better. DD: It’s high maintenance, it’s taking way too much time. It’s been very reliable, but we’ve been reactive in our maintenance. Riley: ANd some people don’t use it right. DD: We do spend thousands of hours on it. OB: Stress on the tool. RR: I think we should replace the glass in the lid also KF: Do we also feel the training level of people/use error is part of this issue? Riley: A member ran the laser when it was clogged for several hours. It was red-tagged and he took it off. It’s definitely partly user error. RR: Auto-purge of water, I don’t know why it’s not a thing. Riley: Danny;’s going to veto anything anybody designs. DD: What’s the argument against it? MM: He wants a very sophisticated system. We can just buy a system that purges every 15 minutes or so. RR: Looking online at lasers. DD: We should totally do this, I agree, get the auto-purge. but we could also put alarms on it when it needs to be purged. It would take 3 pieces of wire and a buzzer. Others: people might disable it. RR: We need to know the right fittings MM: Schrader valve? It has to be the right one. OB: It’s ½”, I got the same one, Danny helped me find it. RR: Mirror tubes have apparently been clogged for months. Pressure has been dropping, it as been purging, it keeps pressure, but the compressor has to be off for an hour. DD: It is being turned off fairly frequently I think.

Broken Windows Update The windows are fixed, RR has the bill and will pay it out.

Membership Conversation

How many members do we have? 240 How are our payments? RR: Most of the late payments were test accounts. Right now we have 16 late accounts that RR has contacted, if they don’t pay next month. DD: I can revoke their key cards. I need to do a full audit. RR: $18,300 payments this month There are 236 people ewho were billed this month but a bunch of people who paid yearly, who are not included in that. Probably 150 people who pay yearly. Total membership at 240. KF: We had talked about expanding next door when we reach 300 people. RR: We could potentially make up that shortfall in people when we moved into it. But it’s not a sure thing. I think we’d pay for it just off people who want to store things there. Riley: I feel people have to wait too long for a laser time. RR: Having more lasers would be nice. DD: The point of expanding, I did talk to a number of members in hopes that we could talk to people who would want studio space and pay extra for that, they could help pay that rent. If we paid 3x the rend and registered people to take up ⅓ of the space, then we would pay for the rent. Just putting feelers out. Some people could commit to that, some people couldn’t. I was talking to ppl who are heavy-duty users of the space and have lots of things here. Wolf: What would the ppsqf be? DD: I don’t know. RR: We’re paying $1.35/sqf right now. So that would be $3.50/sqft DD: A little under $200 a month in insurance. Wolf: I would be interested potentially if there were room for a small car I could work on welding. RR: There is a small autobay over there. RR: I think we could get them to give it to us for the same price, and furthermore roll the two leases together so they could end at the same time> I’ve had some conversations with them before. They might even be able to give us a month or two free. We’re the largest tenant and one of the longest tenants, and we’ve never missed a rent payment. WOlf: I’d think because it’s empty they’d be willing to cut a deal. Alex: A small task that we can accomplish in a week, I think the new space would be important and would help us to work together on a small scale without killing each other. Wolf: KiIling people is how I get my dopamine. Alex: What would be the smallest project that we could go that would bring us more members and not require too many resources to get people working together? RR: Movig the scaffolds, floor redesign -- revitalizing the electronics lab -- KF: Dust collection thing was from 2 weks ago -- MM: Things are covered in dust, ppl think things don’t work when they’re covered in dust. OB: My laser now works at half power, being in a cleaner space, it doesn’t overheat. WOlf: ALso you can’t physically put a finish on anything. MM: Talked about a paint booth KF: update on progress about dust collection -- Danny’s email, Martin’s email DD: Billy picked up a shopvac, which they have a budget for because of the woodsho revamp. The idea wa sputting a platform underneath, leaving the switchin on the vaccuum always on, having the power strip be the on/off switch. Then it would always be connected. Right now wanting to connect to the DD: Those stationary ones ar able to be moved around but they’re all contained with dust collection on it. DD: Chopsaw dust collector DD: New dust collection on CNC is mworking -- people were removing the dust collection system. MDF is really bad stuff. I don’t think ppl in 3rd world countries work with CNC and MDF together. Wolf: What we’re concerned about is dust that is the consistency of cigarette smoke, that’s what’s most dangerous. OB: We have 2 fog machines. The Halloween party was great. Cyclone on it already -- is that something we could . I’ll touch base with Billy about the table he built about what the actual plan was. Alex: We could put up some nice signs that say “dust kills you” We do have to at least post it so people take it seriously. MM: We have a poster printer. RR: I got it working yesterday. OB: Five minute tasks are best. Let’s all contribute to a new sign.

MM: Do we have an instagram acct? RR: Dave Businko probably had a login for it at some point.

RR: I think it should have QR code and wiki link. Don’t try to be perfect on the first attempt. A think even with the name of the tool on it is better than nothing. Just make it and put it up there. ON the wiki page for the tool, we should try to put more tips and tricks and videos.

Whether you need a class to use machine (safety class -- recc and required) How to Mess Up this Machine Send out Google Spreadsheet on that Template for people -- Step by step process for making an info sheet

Bion: Bion has wiki page on battery terminal welder already RR: Could put a sign on the wall with a picture of the machine so it returns to its home Bion: Who owns hot air maker? Bion: That one broken knob, I keep thinking ‘I could fix that.’ it’s the flow-amount knob. A potentiometer.

DD: Could 3-d print connectors for dust collectors. OB: That would be cool for a hackerspace. KF: Who would do that?

KF: Can I use ATXHS Money for movie night food? Any board member could spend $50 and get reimbursed. And give RR a receipt or sign in through Expensify. KF: Great!

Revisiting laser convo RR + OB: At least 4 members have bought their own lasers because they couldn’t rely on ATXHS laser. DD: IT makes a lot of sense if you’re running a business a couple of hours Tabitha says she’s quitting the space

KF” Send out survey. Multiple choice and some free-answer. DD: Make sure it’s less than 10 minutes to take.

OB: Scheduled maintaenance is really important for the laser. Twenty minutes a week. Riley: If we want to get a Chinese laser, we can lease Jabez’ for $300 a month. Standard maintenance schedule, etc. If we like it, we can get the same thing off Ebay. It’s sitting in a garage collecting dust. RR: We could kill everybody’s fear of the chinese laser being bad. Riley;We could put a better tube in it. OB: Colin was the cause of breaking the laser, he got it from a Dallas company that gives financing, support, they wouldn’t get maintenance Riley: Bar to get another laser in is very lowe. Air, couple hundred bucks a month. RR: IT’s similar to the kind Perpetual Design has. 900mmx1400mm, 150w tube $300 will cover his material, and payments on it. 130w High Precise CO2 laser engraving cutting machine. RR: : The membership has changed a bit, I think we could be justified in sending out the proposal a second time. RR: Will reach out to Jabez to see if that’s still an option before we vote and send out a proposal. OB will send link to RR with information Riley: It’s easy to fix, it’s easy to re-build, we’d only be leasing it if it really doesn’t work out. OB: Sign of China also has equipment, could check that out. Warehouse in California. OB: Jabez’ laser I could help fix it and install it. I know it very well. Riley could. I know I can’t be doing regular maintenance. F will follow up with Rob on Sack about how that conversation with Jabez is going, with the intention of bringing this as a potential proposal for voting again at next member meeting.

MOVIE NIGHT COMING UP! Aug 31. What will we show? School of Rock + Spinal Tap Conan + The Barbarians The Net + Sneakers Spinal Tap + Straight Outta Compton Kentucky Fried Movie + Spaceballs CB40 + Fear of a Black Hat