Meeting Notes/20180616

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Meeting of the board

Present - Dan DeFilipe, Danny Miller, Robert Ristroph, Alex Bovtenko, Iewann Vandenberg (by telephone) - quorum met

Motion to give Treasurer Robert Ristroph signing authority on bank account -- passes in according with Operating Agreement Passes -- all present in favor

Issue of if proposal to purchase Laser Cutter is being done in accordance with Oa and procedures --

  • Danny says it needs to be first discussed at the member meeting
  • Rob, Alex, Dan say that it is not actually required in the OA
  • Long discussion of processes and alternative plans -- issue kicked to member meeting on this Wednesday

Separate issue -- Danny Miller reports back an informal, non-paid conversation with a lawyer on procedures in converting to a 501 c 3 and how to do it

Idea - offering promisary notes for buy-outs of investors in the current LLC