Meeting Notes/20180606

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Member Meeting:

Danny M, Rob R, Iewan, Max Mason, Elrod, M. Blackledge, Alex Bovtenko, others

Not quite quorum, meeting was not properly announced.

Aaron Lobdell brought pizza.

Rob R: We should buy the Tormach outright, no luck so far with financing.

Alex has agenda:

  • Time limits on proposals: spending proposals have a sunset period

in the future, we should do it standard on all future spending proposals Danny: voting items are voted on by people who didn't come to the meeting and there isn't that much mailing list discussion, and no link to a pro and con page on the wiki, or other background Discussion of 2-signatures requirements of large checks Discussion of process of transferring Treasurer duties Alex is uncomfortable with big purchases until we have a good idea of all our ongoing costs

  • Alternatives to Laser - Danny buy and lease to space ?
  • Floorplan -- one in preparation - we need to discuss and vote, to
  be put on the mailing list
  • Creating committees - need for Electronics Room and Autobay

Does parts washer work now and do we need a transmission flush machine ?

  • Woodshop safety class - desire to be created quickly - Iewann says
  maybe he can teach it ?  Alex suggested there is a signed sheet at
  the end to sign off that you learned.  Iewann will take some action
  on this
  • Board positions:
    • Education / Admin / HR, need to open for nominations
  • Management Tools:
    • Meister Task - Alex B. suggests that we start using it and try it


 Asks about status of K1 forms and tax status, and if accountant has
 been contacted ?  Rob hasn't looked into that yet
 What is the deal with the iPads and the waiver app?  Why is it
 broken and should we just replace with a simpler one-page web app ?
 Danny talked with Austin Carlson, about OA and other questions --
 about buy-out to convert to a different structure.  Alex: do we have
 a way to contact investors ?  Danny: I can find them on Facebook,
 mostly. Some stuff about needing full agreement because there is no
 drag-along rights, no force transfers. Advice was to have new
 non-profit by out the LLC.  Problems switching auto-pay and losing
 members -- Carlson thinks that there are probably no problems. Can
 the 501c3 give promisary notes to LLC members as a way of buying the
 LLC ?  Yes, he thinks so.  Overall if this is made very simple, it
 can be done.  Needs a $500 retainer.
 Alex asks Danny to share notes and any other info.
 Alex asks Rob to set up new board members with correct info and
 email addresses.

Alex: suggests a regular longer board meeting, we have a lot to do.

Danny: all the 3 laser cartridges are fading faster than they should. Should Evergreen re-furb under warrantee ? We would have downtime. Danny doesn't know why they didn't last that long, were seals done improperly ? Other option is tube-swap with ULS, that is $2,200 per tube.

Usuall discussion with glass vs metal tubes, speed of replacement vs quality.

Alex asks if Danny can contact Evergreen to find out how long it would take to turn it around. Discussion of how to strategize swapping them, or should we rush in buying a chinese glass tube laser ?

Blue Laser is running at 15w according to Danny, no one can use it.

Alex suggests buying a 120w glass tube 50in x 30in laser from ebay, Danny and Alex go back and forth on whether it will actually work out of the box when we get it. Up to $8k with ventilaton and other things.

Discussion of roof penetration and exhaust schemes. Roof penetration location depends on future floorplan.