Meeting Notes/20180523

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Member Meeting:

Present: Rob R., Danny M., about 12 other members

Rob Ristroph running the meeting Kye Flannery taking notes


  • Tormach Status
  • Workshop Revamp Status
  • Elections:
    • Executive
    • Operations
    • Treasury

Additions to the Agenda:

  • Motion to Re-imburse woodshop re-vamp effort for up to $1,500 for

new lights purchased for the shop.

  • Adam Mata confused about if he is still on the board
  • Adam M. would like to know when the autobay will be useable again (stuff piled in there from woodshop re-vamp effort)
  • Adam M. would like to clarify the door locking policy, and when the

guest door should be open

  • Adam M. would like to revive the Tool Committee
  • Lease on Tormach update

Problems getting credit even with a board member co-signing Got them to convert it to a “corp only” application, using EIN num

  • Camera Update: "Little bit of progress on the camera -- now working on Autobay… wire has been pulled and it’s close to being done" --Riley
  • DVR will be recording it and board will access it, stored only at the Hackerspace and requires going to the Hackerspace to access it
  • Woodshop Revamp:
    • Almost done with the lights, we’re close
    • Lights were not in proposed budget: expectation of board approval within 2 months. It was above $500, it was at $1200.
    • Rob R. says to make a proposal for that, to write it out “The longer we let it dawdle, the worse it is.” Let it go out as a vote with these elections.
    • ALex will let Billy know to put together the proposal and turn in to the board.
    • Finishing up of lights needs scissor lift
    • Building storage beneath the tables coming up -- 2 weeks or so.
    • Matt did an awesome job on that wall -- shelves with hand tools


  • Alex - running for executive position
 Exec director improving our transparency --
   What’s our revenue ?
   How many memberes at any given moment ?
   What’s our expenses ?
   This info is Needed by the board for action, for progress and planning. 
 Work with the board in a project management style -- if there are
 projects that come up, we can use apps with timelines included, such
 as meistertask.
 Ticket system to replace Email chat -- “pretty big stage” 1,000 ppl on that list.
 Problem with something:
   Make a proposal that’s specific to a smaller audience
   This would help the board to do its work
 Hiring its first manager -- full-time
 This is an LLC, there are 300 members
 Whatever system the board decides -- no more grey area, either non-profit or for-profit
 Finding a lawyer, getting prepared to go that road.
 Must have employees who work on projects
 Improve revenue streams
 Take every square ft we have to improve our revenue streams
 Exec dir limited to one year, but would like to strategize hackerspace for next 2 years
 Have to think ahead, work on website, make sure we’re not leaning on
 Bshare members to make decisions that the board needs to take
 ownership of
 Not stuck on the 90s on the web
 Virtual tours
 Outreach to more people
 Youtube channel
 Creating video courses about machines, set-ups
 There are Very specific laws about what nonprofit volunteers can and cannot do --

Dan DeFillipe running for Ops:

 * Some of things done by the current Director of Ops are not
 specific to that position
 * Make Co-Working work as an income stream, or possibly wind it down
 * Would help with open house tours, and try to standardize them
 * Finish upgrade to key card system and integrate it
 * May be traveling for a couple of weeks at a time this summer, but
 won't be out of reach and will be back enough to fullfill duties


 * Running for treasurer’s because it’s the functionality that’s
 holding us back the most -- stuff’s not getting done and it needs to
 get done
 * Main goals:  80% not ambitious or new, just basic functionality 
 ** Need regular report of where we are, needs to get done the same
 each time so we can compare it and understand where we are - number
 matching over time
 ** Main approach is not imaginative, it’s to proceduralize
 everything, to start out with a google doc, like a human script, not
 even automate it yet
 ** Then to reduce the burden of this role so it’s easier for the next treasurer
 ** Freshbooks, Quickbooks -- not too much work if we can get it in there
 ** We have filed the extension but not our taxes, we need to get on top of that
 ** Increasing functionality
 ** Set policy for getting reimbursed for approved expenses
 ** Bring receipts or send me receipts, I will send reimbursement
 right then, at bi-weekly meeting, no bottle-neck or mystery around
 it, every week.
 ** There are better ways to do it -- but this is a way that always works --
 ** Debit cards, Open Collective -- automates expense reports -- but
 for later, not wanting to something fancy w.o basic functionality
 ** Venmo or PayPal, alternate method
 ** Question: Still need to submit receipt in person, or is email
 enough ?  Answer: there will be an electronic method, so long as it
 is a documented, very specific process

Autobay Status: Some stuff in there is temporary from the woodshop, but some is not -- for example the treadmill someone dragged in -- we should red-tag what is not supposed to be there

Door Policy: Discussion went to future plans to add card readers to additional doors