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Member Meeting 4 April 2018 Rob Ristroph, Danny Miller, Mike Kiamaneshi, Martin Bogomolni, and various members present


Make Faire: Joey (F?) is new director of Maker Faire Austin, gave us an intro to the Faire and new management Call for Makers is open, to get your own booth -- info on their web page Dates: May 5th and 6th

Joe Buchoff will help organize a booth committee A "deconstruction booth" is being discussed.

April 14th is the deadline for applying

Bookkeeper proposal (from Mike Kiamaneshi):

Discussion --will a bookkeeper really help though ? Mike will send out an email asking for help with this area

Open Board Positions: Education / Admin / HR / Executive Director / Dir of Ops

General note -- you cannot use the space as your official address, no change-of-address forms or whatever. If you have to ship things here use Your Name - C/O format.

Wood Shop Proposal:

General agreement, but uncertainty on how we will execute it

Martin: What should we consider in terms of fire suppression ? Should we add more fire extinquishers ?

What is largest single item ? Dust collection, most of the rest is lumber

Do we need to add a decent drill press to the plan ? We would need to add as much as $1200, general agreement this should be added. Brings the total to $9700

We need to provide financial status to list so people can vote with our current status in mind -- need a treasurer's report