Meeting Notes/20180307

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Board members: Andrew Cottrell, Danny Miller, Rob Ristroph
Members: James Shields, Billy Nelson, Elrod, Joe B, several others. (Remember to sign the Attendance Sheet if you want to be included in the minutes.)

Updates on ongoing projects/items:

1. Shop rework - Billy sent around a woodworking space proposal and it was discussed in some detail. One item of contention was the scaffold between the large CNC and the auto bay, and whether it is a good use of space as-is versus a waste of space, and whether it should remain there or be moved somewhere else or broken down and stored. Discussed that much of the shop rework plan (moving benches & tools around) simply needs approval from Danny as Director of Facilities. Discussed pros and cons of doing the rework bit-by-bit to keep individual task costs low versus going with a larger plan with costs calculated as a whole or in phases. Discussed the under-bench storage lockers and whether they should be free or rented and lockable or not. Based on the entire discussion, Billy is going to update the plan to include all costs and a breakdown of phases and what is a "minimally viable project" versus which items are nice-to-have. When the plan is updated to include all this information it will likely be sent around to the membership for more feedback and as a voting item (mostly for cost approval).

2. Reimbursement difficulties - No update since Eduardo wasn't present.

3. Security camera installation - Elrod needs to know where to install the cameras. Rob is going to help find the plan.

4. Abandoned vehicles - The remaining vehicle is now covered in stickers by HPI and APD and a towing company, and will hopefully be gone soon.

5. Attorney hiring and questions - No progress. Danny has lead, and needs to get input on potential attorneys. Reminder that this voting item is on a 90-day timeline. Rocket Lawyer was mentioned by Joe B as a starting option.

6. Tormach purchase - Rob has made progress but is still working on financing.

7. Getting rid of old banker boxes - Deadline to label banker boxes with full name and date is March 15. This deadline is coming up fast. We should probably put signs up near the boxes advertising this.

8. Roof penetration - Rob just needs to know where to put them (besides over the biolab) which means figuring out any floorplan changes.