Meeting Notes/20180221

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Board members: Andrew Cottrell, Danny Miller, Rob Ristroph, Eduardo Longoria
Members: Joe Ngo, Elrod, Dan DeFelippi

New items:

Eduardo has spoken with UT's Genesis program. There may be a possibility to get them using ATXHS to assist startups. One option Rob brought up is to have them rent a block of coworking cubicles.

Updates on ongoing projects/items:

1. RapidAir distribution system - Purchased and on-site. Installation being integrated with shop rework plan. Joe working with Billy on a visual plan (e.g. SketchUp).

2. Plywood storage - This is also being incorporated into the shop rework plan. Joe and Martin are going to work on a new base for the large CNC which will include plywood storage. Another area for plywood storage may also be added.

3. Reimbursement difficulties - Eduardo (Director of Finance) cannot currently sign checks due to how the account is configured, and only Martin (Director of Education) can. This problem needs to be remedied. However, post-meeting Martin pointed out that there are alternatives to work around this that he has communicated to Eduardo. Rob is investigating a software option (OpenCollective) for helping the reimbursement process. Rob has also recommended that Eduardo set up office hours at ATXHS specifically for dealing with reimbursement requests. Danny pointed out that it is legally problematic that we don't have a reimbursement tracking system to definitively show that payments are going out for reimbursement (versus for other reasons).

4. Security camera installation - Elrod has lead and now has the cameras and cables so he can proceed with installation.

5. Abandoned vehicles - Red Camaro is gone, another vehicle has been reported to property management for towing.

6. Attorney hiring and questions - No progress. Danny has lead, and needs to get input on potential attorneys.

7. Tormach purchase - Rob has lead, and he is gathering financial info to work with Apple Leasing on financing. We have also learned that a police report has been filed by the owner (Kris Ohlinger) of our previously hosted Tormach. The person who removed that machine without permission (Brad Selph) has been banned from ATX Hackerspace. If anyone sees him on-site please contact a board member immediately.

8. Getting rid of old banker boxes - Mike K sent out the e-mail about this. Deadline to label banker boxes with full name and date is March 15.

9. Roof penetration - Same status as last meeting. Rob is lead, has a quote, has contacted HPI regarding payment under Tenant Improvement. (This is for venting the lasers and possibly the biolab hood.)