Meeting Notes/20180207

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Board members: Andrew Cottrell, Danny Miller, Rob Ristroph, Adam Mata
Members: Casey Brotherton, James Shields, Howie Elder, Jesse Mesa

No new proposals or items discussed.

Updates on ongoing projects/items:

1. RapidAir distribution system - Purchased and on-site. Need to figure out layout and install. Joe has lead.

2. Removal of carpet in the lobby - Present members agreed we should wait to determine any floorplan changes before pursuing this.

3. Reimbursement difficulties - A clear process for submitting and processing reimbursement items is required. Rob R taking lead on researching an option before the next member meeting.

4. Plywood storage - No update. Ivan has lead.

5. Security camera installation - No update. Elrod has lead, will work with Rob R to make progress.

6. Abandoned vehicles - Two vehicles have overstayed their welcome and will likely be towed. Danny taking lead on attempting to contact the owners. Adam taking lead on creating signage spelling out the auto policy so that it will be easier to tow abandoned vehicles in the future. REMINDER that you cannot leave vehicles at the space without permission from the board.

7. Attorney hiring and questions - Danny taking lead on setting a date and time for meeting to discuss hiring an attorney and which questions we should ask. (This is an approved voting item from the annual meeting.)

8. Tormach purchase - Rob taking lead on contacting vendor. (This is an approved voting item from the annual meeting.)

9. Getting rid of old banker boxes - No update. This was Mike K's proposal so we're assigning him lead since he wasn't present.  ;)

10. Roof penetration - Rob is lead, has a quote, has contacted HPI regarding payment under Tenant Improvement. (This is for venting the lasers and possibly the biolab hood.)