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Annual Meeting Minutes 2018-01-27


All board members present: Mike Kiamanesh, Rob Ristroph, Iewan van den Berg, Eduardo Longoria, Joe Ngo, Martin Bogomolni, Danny Miller, Andrew Cottrell.

Members: Derek Bridges, Gardner Williams, Elrod, Adam Mata, Charles Welsh, Dan DeFelippi, Alex Bovtenko, Mert Eastman

Four main agenda items were discussed at the meeting.

Item 1: Danny Miller's proposal to "Engage business legal council on behalf of ATXHS for 501(c)(3) transition". This proposal was discussed at great length. Eventually the proposal was amended to the following, which was seconded (by Martin) and will be put out for vote:

 Proposal:  "Choose to engage an attorney on behalf of ATXHS with specific questions approved by simple majority of the board prior to any contact with the attorney.  Maximum of $3,000 within 90 days of approval of the proposal."

Item 2: Mike Kiamanesh's proposal to "finance to buy a tormach":

 Proposal:  "Lets buy a new Tormach using the education configuration.  The total will be $16,720.00.  With $5,000.00 deposit we can own it in 3 years on monthly payments less than $350/month."

Currently ATXHS does not have a Tormach and it seems unlikely that the old hosted machine will come back. The proposal was discussed, seconded by Joe Ngo and will be put out for vote. Danny Miller voiced opposition to the proposal until some legal questions can be answered (via Item 1) but several other board members voiced their support for the proposal as-is.

Item 3: Mike Kiamanesh's proposal to "Mark bankers boxes or thrown out":

 Proposal: "Proposal to have the voting members approve requiring everyone with a bankers box to write their full name and date of signing with a red sharpie (hackerspace will provide) by 28 days after notice goes out via email and posted at entrance, or it will be free to be dealt with however (most definitely thrown out). The reason for member vote is to give the space the moral high ground and support saying this is what we want as a membership.  I am open to including other items on this, or as a separate vote such as specific stalled projects and other specific items at the space (including for shorter Grace period).  There may be very upset parties and it will be critical to show membership spoke together to have it done."

There are several leftover banker boxes from people who are no longer members, which are taking up valuable space needed for current/new members. The proposal was discussed and it was mentioned that this technically doesn't need to be a voting item. However, it has been made a voting item to make sure there is awareness and buy-in. Proposal seconded by Martin and will be put up for vote.

Item 4: Board positions. Adam Mata is running unopposed for Director of HR. Danny Miller is running unopposed for Director of Facilities. Both candidates answered a variety of questions, were seconded (by Martin) and will be put up for vote.

Voting results:

Question #1 Should we choose to engage an attorney on behalf of ATX Hackerspace for answering specific legal questions at a cost of up to $3,000 and to occur within 90 days?

Yes 20
No 5
Abstain 1

Question #2 Should we purchase a Tormach 1100 in the Education Configuration at a cost of $16,720.00?

Yes 16
No 7
Abstain 3

Question #3 Should we require everyone with a Bankers Box at ATX Hackerspace to label their box with full name and date within 28 days, with the understanding that boxes not updated will be dealt with (likely discarded)?

Yes 21
No 4
Abstain 1

Question #4 Should Adam Mata be elected to the ATX Hackerspace board of directors as Director of Human Resources?

Yes 16
No 6
Abstain 4

Question #5 Shoud Danny Miller be re-elected to the ATX Hackerspace board of directors as Director of Facilities?

Yes 20
No 5
Abstain 1