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Attendees: Board members Mike Kiamanesh, Rob Ristroph, Iewan Venderberg, Eduardo Longoria, Martin Bogomolni, and Danny Miller. Members Andrew Cottrell, Kris Ohlinger, Elrod, Alex Bovtenko, Mert Eastman, Ben Nash, Brian Bowles, David Glusenco, Adam Harris, George Hampton, Derek Bridges, Richard Simoes, Wolf.

Multiple proposals discussed:

Proposal 1: Andrew Cottrell is running for the currently vacant position of Director of Administration. Seconded and put out for vote.

Proposal 2: Brad Selph proposal for a drying rack. This was discussed briefly and then put on the back burner because sheet material storage (e.g. plywood) was deemed a higher priority. Ivan taking the lead on sheet storage with assistance from Mike and Danny.

Proposal 3: Martin Bogomolni proposal to amend the OA (Operating Agreement) to increase the spending amounts. The current OA can be found here ( The proposal was discussed at great length, modified based on member feedback, seconded and put out for vote. The updated section 3.1(b) would read as follows:

"Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of Section 3.1(a), the approval of the Class B Members shall be required prior to the Company taking any action requiring the expenditure of more than Four Thousand ( $4000 ) of Company cash in any single, or series of related transactions in a fiscal year. Expenditures at or above five hundred dollars ( $500 ) of Company cash up to the aforementioned limit in any single, or series of related transactions in a fiscal year require the approval of the majority of the Board of Directors. Expenditures below five hundred dollars ( $500 ) of Company cash and above the petty cash policy of one hundred fifty ( $150 ) in any single, or series of related transactions in a fiscal year and the signed written approval of two other board members."

Simplified, that translates to: $4,000 or more - Requires B-share owner vote $500-$4,000 - Requires approval of majority of board $150-$500 - Requires approval of three board members (the requester and two others) Under $150 - Petty cash that any board member can approve

Proposal 4: Martin Bogomolni proposal for renting his Epilog Legend EXT36 75W laser for a period of 6 months, after which there is an option to buy for $14,400 or return it to Martin. Seconded and put out for vote.

Proposal 5: Brad Selph proposal for ATXHS purchasing his 130W laser. As Brad was not present at the meeting to discuss his proposal it has been tabled until the next meeting.

Proposal 6: Brad Selph proposal for ATXHS purchasing a Replicator 2X Experimental 3D printer. As Brad was not present at the meeting to discuss his proposal it has been tabled until the next meeting.

Discussion items:

Discussion Item 1: Security Cameras. Components were ordered and have arrived at ATXHS. Elrod taking the lead on installation.

Discussion Item 2: State of front door, schedule to install push bar & card reader on reception door. Rob taking lead on these modifications.

Discussion Item 3: SawStop brake cartridge fired again, necessitating new brake cartridge and blade. Martin is taking lead on a class for SawStop training. It may be necessary to use some sort of lockout so only trained members can use the SawStop to avoid the expense and down-time associated with unnecessary brake firing.

Discussion Item 4: Vehicle parking issues at the space. This was mostly to reiterate existing rules. The short version is don't leave your vehicle at the space without approval from Director of Facilities (Danny Miller), including a printed and authorized permit left on display in the vehicle to demonstrate that approval. Violate this rule and your vehicle will likely be towed. The full rules discussed are as follows:

    We have a Parking Policy : Vehicles and Vehicle Projects
       - be authorized in writing by Director of Facilities (Danny Miller)
       - be actively worked on, daily
       - be operable/moveable and currently registered
       - unpermitted member vehicles cannot be left while you are not here
       - must not obstruct a door/parkway/roadway
       - must be parked in an ATXHS parking spot only.
       - must not be in handicapped space without appropriate state-issued permit.
       - A vehicle with ATXHS-issued project permit must not be in the handicapped space even with the appropriate state permit.
   Any vehicles in violation of this policy will get a Vehicle Ticket and be towed after 72 hours

Discussion Item 5: Richard offered to host a Peopoly Moai laser SLA printer at ATXHS. The offer was accepted.

Discussion Item 6: Maintenance to replace existing fluorescent lights in ATXHS with LED lights. Approved by present board members with estimate cost of $1,300.