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TechShop has closed down and as a result we are already seeing interest and new members. As a community we need to do our best to make these TechShop refugees feel welcome and help them get started here. The following actions are planned:

- There will be a space cleaning this Sunday 1pm-5pm. Anyone willing to help out will be appreciated.

- There will be an open house, new member welcome and orientation this Sunday at 6pm. Reminder that anyone accessing the shop space (anything beyond the lounge & classroom) must fill out the waiver.

- An ad buy and other efforts will be made to help make TechShop members aware of ATX Hackerspace as a new home for their work.

Also in the theme of keeping the space tidy, the present board members approved paying Howard "Howie" Elder to help clean the space. Agreed pay is $12/hour, 2 hours each weekday. A list of duties was documented including cleaning bathrooms, lounge, lobby, etc. This should be a good step towards presenting a better looking space to potential members.

Another item in the theme of keeping the space tidy, the existing parking ticket system for unlabeled/abandoned materials was discussed. Plan made to start ticketing more often, take photos of items as they are ticketed, post the photos and information to Slack, and a board member will send out a daily digest of ticketed items to the member mailing list. As a reminder, NONE OF THIS SHOULD BE NECESSARY. Ticketing is only needed when members aren't following the rules. Be a good citizen of the space and label your stuff.

Regarding Slack: To get access to Slack just request access from the board by e-mailing

Andrew Cottrell is running for Director of Administration (aka secretary). Requires a member vote.

Getting rid of the carpet in the lobby was discussed but it was agreed that while this would be great, the timing is not. Still a good project for a future date.

Discussed the difficulty purchasing consumables for the shop. Eduardo (Finance) is going to work with Danny (Facilities) to hopefully make this easier. Since this is essentially a board issue it wasn't discussed further at the member meeting.

Alternatives to the current training process were briefly discussed, including online training and demonstration of proficiency, but these fall under Martin (Education)'s area so further discussion was put on hold.

There is a need for more members willing to do new-member orientation. Related to this, it would be good to have a couple more board members or assistants who can setup ATXHS member key fobs.

Music in the shop was discussed in terms of providing atmosphere versus it interfering with training and being able to hear tools running (i.e. being able to hear if something goes wrong). Nothing official decided but basically don't be an ass. Turn down/off your music if requested by another member (or put on headphones) and don't take it personally.

Briefly discussed putting shop consumables (drill bits, sandpaper, etc) in the vending machine but the idea needs more work. This effort is made more complex because the vending machine doesn't take credit cards, so it can't efficiently handle larger dollar purchases.

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